February 15, 2024

Keeping Up the St Jude’s Spirit

In 2023, funds raised from the alumni reunion was used to purchase new football kits for the school.

St Jude’s is proud to have a network of incredible alumni who remain strongly connected to the school. They regularly give their time as volunteers within the school community, as well as support the opportunities of other students through financial giving.

In addition to supporting St Jude’s, our alumni also look out for one another. They support each other’s businesses, share opportunities, organise reunions, and assist one another in times of need. These are some of the highlights over the past year.

Paving the Way for Others:

Inspirational: Godfrey (left) and Amina (right), two of St Jude’s best-performing students of 2023 joined a prestigious program.

St Jude’s achieved outstanding Form 6 results in 2023. Because of these amazing results, two of St Jude’s top-performing students were selected to join a prestigious program that connects top-performing students in Tanzania with universities around the world.

In Tanzania, the final two years of secondary school are called Advanced Level (A Level); Form 5 and 6. At the end of their A Level education, students sit for a nationwide assessment and those that pass continue with higher education in universities and colleges.

Alex, a graduate of St Jude’s inaugural class of 2015 and a recipient of the program himself, played a pivotal role in helping the two St Jude’s graduates, Godfrey and Amina,  secure these highly coveted spots. To support them on this new adventure, the St Jude’s Alumni banded together to financially support their transport and accommodation costs as they moved to Dar es Salaam to prepare for the program.

Building Team Spirit and Unity

Giving Back: A memorable jersey bearing names of alumni who fundraised to purchase new football kits.

With football being a favourite sport at St Jude’s and Tanzania, our alumni took the opportunity to surprise the school’s football team. They fundraised AU$395 during last year’s Alumni Reunion to purchase much-needed football kits for St Jude’s students. Now our students sport a sharp and coordinated look as they represent St Jude’s in competitions across Arusha and Tanzania. This act just shows the alumni's commitment to enriching the school community.

Wherever they may be, our alumni maintain strong connections with the school and each other.

Thanks to your support, our students graduate and join an impactful network of alumni that continues to give back to the school. Sponsor Today.


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