April 17, 2024

Q & A with Grace

A St Jude’s graduate and Community Service Year (CSY) volunteer shares her role in the scholarship application process.

Every year, St Jude’s sends thousands of letters inviting high-achieving students across three regions of Tanzania to apply for a scholarship. To achieve such a daunting task, St Jude’s incredible network of Community Service Year (CSY) volunteers step up. This March, the volunteers hand-delivered over 2,600 letters to 300 school headmasters inviting their top-performing students to apply for a Form 5 scholarship at St Jude’s. 

In Tanzania, the final two years of secondary school are called Advanced Level (A Level); Form 5 and 6. 

In this month’s Q & A, Grace, a CSY currently volunteering at the Community Relations team at St Jude’s shares her recent experience in letter delivery.

  1. What do you do as a CSY volunteer in Community Relations?

My main role is to assist the team in various tasks and activities to ensure the Scholarship Application Day runs smoothly. Recently, I’ve helped my team in coordinating letter distribution in different areas.

  1. How are you involved in letter distribution?

My involvement is two-fold: I assist in planning, coordinating, and corresponding with fellow CSYs on the field to address challenges and issues that require follow-up or consultation.

On the other hand, I also participate in letter distribution with fellow CSYs and travel to many schools to personally deliver invitation letters. 

  1. How was your recent experience in letter distribution?

It was an adventure! There are always challenges with navigation and roads particularly with the unpredictable weather – we saw it all this time around! We had to use different forms of transportation, such as the bus, motorcycles and bicycles, walking, and even hiked to get to some schools. Overall, it was a wonderful experience and a privilege to be a part of what’s happening behind the scenes in the scholarship process. 

  1. Why are CSYs chosen to have this experience?

Firstly, as St Jude’s graduates, we are living proof of the school’s mission, so when people see us, they can visualise the opportunities and potential that await their children or students when they join St Jude’s. 

Secondly, we know a lot about the school! So we can answer questions and clarify to people who may have questions. 

  1. What do you remember from your own Scholarship Application Day at St Jude’s

I only remember there being so many of us! And I feel very lucky to have secured a place!

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