July 28, 2023

178 new students in secondary school

In December 2022, some of you, our alumni, helped deliver Form One invitation letters to three regions: Kilimanjaro, Arusha, and Manyara. Despite having a short time to distribute the invitation letters because the class seven results were released late, we had over 1,000 government students come and take part in the Selection day at Moshi, Babati, and Moshono.

Beginning of the year, we enrolled 178 students in secondary school, and we are proud to report that we now have 95 boys at Smith Campus, and 83 girls have started at the girls’ secondary school.

We had the pleasure of interviewing two new students who joined at the beginning of this year. We will start with Goodluck. He comes from Rombo in the Kilimanjaro region. Goodluck is among the boys who joined Smith Secondary school, and he is enjoying learning with his fellow students in form 1D.