August 24, 2021

A Letter from Maddie

Dear Alumni,

It is hard to believe that we are already close to the end of the year! Next year, The School of St Jude will celebrate our 20th anniversary. That’s 20 years of building connection, and the sense of togetherness that is so unique about our school community.

After nearly three years coordinating Alumni activities at St Jude’s, the time has come for me to pass the leadership of Alumni into to the capable hands of our new Alumni team. The team is under the management of Sarah Harrison, with Pastory Temu as the Head of Social Impact and Alumni, Suzan Mvungi as the Alumni Coordinator, and Edna Emmanuel (Class of 2015, whom I’m sure most of you know) as our Alumni Officer. In a special way, I would like to welcome Tatu Kazimoto – our very first Beyond St Jude’s Community Service Year volunteer in the Alumni team!

When The Alumni Association of The School of St Jude was officially launched in 2018, none of us could have predicted how the association would continue to grow, nor the challenges and the successes that were to come. Last year was particularly difficult due to circumstances beyond anyone’s control, but among you, we witnessed incredible expressions of Alumni Spirit. You pulled together to support each other in times of need, putting our school values into action – Respect, Responsibility, Honesty and Kindness – when they mattered most.

It is my great wish, no matter where you end up, or how many weeks, months or years you spend away from St Jude’s, that you remember those values and use them to guide your decisions, your work, and indeed, how you live your lives.

I am still working at St Jude’s for the next several months, but I have taken on a very different project, so I don’t often work inside the Head Office. If you visit the school and would like to meet me, please feel more than welcome to ask a member of the Alumni team to call me, or ideally, if your visit to school is pre-arranged, please send me an email on I would love to see you and hear about what you’re up to.

Remember, you can always contact the Alumni team via their email:, or the Alumni phone: 0766200609

The team is there to help you – I encourage you to pay attention to any training opportunities they provide, and to involve yourselves as much as you can in the Alumni Spirit initiative, so that many more students, just like you once were, can have access to free, quality education and do their best to reach their dreams.

Please keep safe and well. I hope to catch up with many of you at our Alumni Reunion!

Warm regards, Maddie Kelly