June 6, 2022

Alumni Highlight - Ayubu '17 and Esuvat '15

As part of the St Jude’s community, the Alumni team were very pleased to celebrate the university graduation of our first doctors last December! Esuvat ‘15, one of these freshly graduated doctors, feels proud, humbled and responsible for those coming behind her. She hopes to be a good ambassador to them; as far as a doctor’s journey is concerned.

Esuvat is currently working as an intern at Mt Meru hospital in Arusha. She shared a bit about her work experience, “My first day at work was a little bit scary, new people, new environment, sick people and for a while I thought I couldn't do it,” she said.  Despite being nervous she continues to do her job with enthusiasm and she is gaining a lot of knowledge.

Looking back on her years at St Jude’s, Esuvat laughs as she recounts that she will never forget when her class looked like clowns on stage. “We had a class presentation to perform on the stage, and we got it all wrong,” she remembers.

Dr Esuvat.

Esuvat has been a constant highlight at the school since she graduated. We were pleased to have Esuvat, or should we say Dr Esuvat, attend our most recent Form 6 graduation. Her speech was very inspirational and everyone was happy to hear from her. One would expect Dr Esuvat to be quite serious, however from her speech we found her to be quite calm and funny.

Ayubu works at Garda World as a Management Trainee. He finds it interesting to head to the office every day and tackle new assignments and tasks. “This has greatly influenced my development both as a person and as a professional. There has been quite a significant amount of relearning, unlearning, and learning,” he says.

Apart from work, Ayubu uses his spare time to participate in various sports (beach football, football, and jogging). This reminds him of the days he used to play with his team during the Inter-House competition at Smith Campus, which he remembers fondly. Ayubu also loves watching documentaries, movies and travelling.

Ayubu is part of the Alumni Association of St Jude’s. He strongly believes that the association is the fundamental pillar that binds the entire St Jude’s community. “We have a lot of success stories, and this forms the benchmark of inspiring the rest of the students within the school that they can make it. The vast connections and expertise of the alumni is a powerful intangible asset to the school,” he says.

By the end of this year, Dr Esuvat looks forward to completing her internship successfully and getting a practicing license. Ayubu’s dream is to sponsor a student as a way of honouring the commitment of the school and the generous sponsors who were responsible for who and where he is today. “I want to sleep at night knowing that I made a difference in the world by sponsoring a student from a humble background just like me,” he finishes.