May 4, 2023

Alumni spotlight- Johnson- overcoming adversity.

Johnson '22 is breaking barriers and making mathematics and physics easy and enjoyable for Mringá Secondary students. Johnson joined Community Service Year (CSY) in 2022 and chose to be a teacher and make a difference in a government school he once went to. He teaches 527 students, all in Form 2 and Form 3 at school and Form 6 students in the evening in their dorm rooms. He is one among few St Jude's alumni who teach government schools and goes beyond expectations. Having a Form 6 graduate teaching a whole class with no teachers and enough resources is extra challenging, and we are proud of Johnson for doing it with a happy and hardworking spirit.

It has been challenging; anyone who did their CSY in government schools can testify to this. A different environment from St Jude's and a lack of resources and teachers made it complicated. However, Johnson had no problem tackling the challenges and ensuring he helped students as much as possible. "The English language is the barrier for most Form 2 students and the belief that science subjects were tough. I overcame them by explaining concepts in Kiswahili and initiating fun games between sessions. One famous game in my class was the 3, 6, and 9 games that excited and engaged students, making them love the subject more", Johnson explained.

We all have memorable experiences in every place or everything we do. Johnson has his own unforgettable experience from Mringá Secondary, "My memorable experience was organizing a class trip to an environmental conservation center. We had been discussing conservation in class, and I felt it would be valuable for the students to see and experience it firsthand. The trip was a huge success; the students could participate in various activities such as tree-planting and cleaning up the surrounding environment. It was rewarding to see the students so engaged and excited about the natural world around them, and it was a great opportunity to teach them about the importance of conservation."

Johnson's biggest lesson and gain from working in government schools was that there was still much to do in the community, especially for the youth. By teaching in a government school, he learned invaluable life skills such as leadership, problem-solving, interactive skills, cooperation, and teamwork, which he used to shape generations of students and impact the community.

As a math and physics teacher, Johnson believed that knowledge is power and wanted to pass it on to his students. However, his ultimate dream is to become an actuary scientist or business manager, influenced by his love for mathematics. Johnson knows that pursuing his dream path is the way forward, and he plans to enroll and work hard and smartly to achieve his ultimate goal at the University of Dar es Salaam pursuing Actuarial Science. We can't wait to see him achieve his dreams.

Johnson had some advice for his fellow alumni. He recommended that they work smart, read more books, give back, and be creative in anything they do. Johnson believed that by doing so, they could gain more skills and be successful in their respective paths.

In the end, Johnson's passion for teaching, his dedication to his students, and his perseverance to pursue his dreams inspired many, and his legacy remains in the hearts of his students who are fortunate enough to have him as a teacher.

You are not too late! You still have a chance to bring changes and smiles to students in government schools. If you want to be a part, do not hesitate to email us at or Message us at 0766 200 609.