February 14, 2024

Balancing Work and School

Meet Steven Zakaria (class of 2017), a dynamic student leaving his mark on university life with style. Currently in his third year studying Environmental Science and Management at Ardhi University, Steven isn't just a dedicated scholar. He's also a skilled graphic design enthusiast. How does he manage this dual role? Let's explore Steven's story, where his academic journey meets the world of design, creating a narrative of flexibility in learning and creative adventures.

In 2018, Steven discovered his passion for design, crafting numerous posters and cool designs. His secret? Not just creativity but also skillful time management. Even with university commitments, he works as a graphic designer, seamlessly handling classes while pursuing his design passion. What's more impressive? Steven not only excels in design but also maintains good grades, proving you can excel in both academia and what you love.

Steven's formula for awesome graphic designs is simple – good time management and hard work. Careful planning ensures his designs stand out. Recognizing the demand for top-notch graphic designers, Steven not only gets better at what he does but also makes important connections for help and support.

A major project with Tedi Tanzania in 2023 was a turning point, boosting Steven into a key role within the company. It not only advanced his image but also enriched his personal growth, offering invaluable experience from collaborating with a major player. This clear evidence showcases how seizing significant opportunities can shape not just a career but an entire path forward.

Steven's story illustrates the possibility of blending academic pursuits with creative passions. It goes beyond excelling in classes; Steven seamlessly integrates academic commitments with crafting wonderful designs, highlighting that effective time management and hard work can make both flourishes. His journey becomes a compelling lesson, emphasizing that cultivating sought-after skills not only opens doors to various opportunities but also paves a viable path toward blending academic success with the joy of creative expression.

In addition to creating stunning designs, Steven has found another way to support himself through university. His graphic design gigs not only fuel his passion but also provide a steady income, easing his day-to-day financial responsibilities. Remarkably, all this is achieved from the comfort of his home. Even with his achievements, Steven hasn't set up an office yet. But he's not stopping there. He's working hard to make his business bigger and dreams of having his own workspace. Steven is all about growth, and he's excited to take his design skills to new heights!

Pursuing dreams alongside academic excellence is not only possible but rewarding. Master your talents while excelling in your studies. Are you ready to share with us what you are doing in university? Reach out and contact our Alumni Office at alumni@schoolofstjude.co.tz or 0766-200-609.