May 16, 2024

Can you believe it's been 10 years?

This year marks the 10th year of the Community Service Year (CSY) Program since its initiation back in 2015, a testament to the Special Programs team's enduring impact. Core Supervisors Avity and Simon have paved the way for 847 volunteers to become catalysts for change in their communities. Join us as we reminisce about the inspiring journey of Simon, Avity, and the CSY volunteers in this decade of impact.

In their classrooms, CSY volunteers are not only teachers but also trailblazers. "CSY’s diverse experiences make students learn about things they might not have known about before, and it makes learning feel like an adventure, "Simon remarks.

 "The 146,762 students in 258 government schools taught by our CSY volunteers since the program started is a testament to the ripple effect of education,"he further says.

Truly, education is a gift that keeps on giving. The CSY volunteers' journey from students to accomplished para-professionals validates St Jude's mission and inspires our current students to believe in the boundless possibilities that lie ahead. With their seniors' guidance and inspiration, the students of St Jude's are poised to embrace the future with confidence, knowing that they, too, can make a difference in the world.

Central to the CSY program is a commitment to uphold the school's core values of Respect, Responsibility, Honesty, and Kindness. Through their actions, volunteers demonstrate respect towards students, teachers, and the broader community, embracing responsibility for their duties and exemplifying kindness by giving back to their communities before pursuing further studies. They generously share the knowledge and skills they have acquired with those in need.

"Through active involvement in government schools, CSY volunteers have become St Jude's ambassadors of goodwill. For example, Yusuph Baraka and Kelvin Lembris of Class of 2023 have willingly created class signs that show streams, a long-term demand in Baraa Secondary School," Avity says.

Beyond the school gates, CSY graduates continue to showcase their leadership qualities and positively impact the broader community. Many have stepped into direct teaching roles and leadership positions, serving as heads of departments (HODs), teachers on duty (TODs), and leaders of clubs.

"I witnessed the impact of the CSY program for the past decade while at Einot Secondary and currently in Mringa Secondary. Teaching, supervising exams, and initiation of the English program by the CSY students have helped boost the school's performance. St Jude's students are so kind and always ready to help; others have gone the extra mile, coming back to the school to teach after completing university or during their university holidays. I appreciate the efforts of both the facilitators of the CSY Program and the CSY students," says Mr. Salim Magaka, headmaster of Mringa Secondary.

The legacy made in the past decade is proof that the impact of service and leadership endures. Let's build upon that legacy together as we work towards a brighter future for St Jude's and all who pass through its doors.

Do you know of any CSY volunteers who are making a remarkable impact in government schools? Keep us informed via Your updates help us celebrate and support the incredible work being done in our communities.