June 15, 2021

Outgoing and Incoming Form 6 Spotlights

Cuthbert and Jessica

Form 6 is an exciting time in the life of St Jude’s students. The Alumni team met with Cuthbert, an outgoing Form 6 graduate and Jessica, an incoming Form 6 student and we had a chat with them about how they feel and what they want to do for their future.

“I feel nervous being a Form 6 student, my National Examination starts on 3rd May, and I still don’t feel like I have prepared enough. I have this feeling, and it is not easy to explain since this won’t just be an exam but my last exams as a student. The fact that everyone at home and school is looking forward to our performance makes me more nervous than the fact that I am in Form 6” Cuthbert shared his feelings about being in Form 6.

Everyone had a dream job when growing up, and some still do have dream jobs, for someone they keep on changing in every growth stage. Of course, dream jobs people had in primary schools are different from those in secondary schools and different from those in universities and colleges, but this was different with Jessica and Cuthbert. “I always wanted to be a journalist since I was young. That never changed because I still want to be one, in fact, a BBC journalist.” But, Jessica said, and Cuthbert added, “I wanted and still want to be a politician; I just want to be a role model to my society and nation at large.”

They have role models just like everyone does, and they believe they will always work hard to live as an example and honor their role models.

“I want to study two different courses in university. I want to have my first degree in Political Science from the University of Dar es Salaam and my second degree in Sociology. I want to study these courses because I believe they will shape me into a good political leader,” Cuthbert shared.

Jessica also added what she wants to study and why “I want to pursue Bachelor in Mass Communications because I want to be a journalist. I am thinking of this course because many reporters and journalists inspired me. Every good reporter I know has a Degree in Mass Communication.”

They both believe that their dreams would have never come true if it was not for St Jude’s. “St Jude’s changed our lives a lot, not only our personal lives but our families lives too. Our English language, both writing and speaking, would have never been this good. St Jude's made us believe that dreams are valid and they do come true. Our families changed a lot. We will always carry ourselves proudly out there because of St Jude's.”

Cuthbert added few things that St Jude’s had pushed him to do, “St Jude’s has taught us the importance of giving back to the community (Respect, Responsibility, Honesty and Kindness) shaped us to be better people to ourselves, the communities, and the Nation at large. I will always try my best to give back to my community as one way of enhancing St Jude’s spirit and it's pillars.”

The Alumni team welcomes Cuthbert and his classmates to the Alumni Association and looks forward to welcoming Jessica and her classmates next year. We promise to be the best for them and fulfil their expectations.