February 14, 2024

Fueled by passion,making a difference with pride

Ready to be impressed by our incredible Alumni? Together, they’ve proven the power of teamwork and the strength of a real family. Dive into the inspiring stories of our alumni, where each story is a tale of shared commitment, to transforming their communities and uplifting each other to greater heights!

Introducing Brenda Simba (class of 2020) and Agnes Bulege (class of 2020),. In December 2023, they led a powerful community initiative called the Sport Transformative Initiative, empowering 30 girls interested in football at The School of St Jude.

Beyond sports, the program provided essential training in entrepreneurship, reproductive health education, and career guidance. Brenda and Agnes went the extra mile, generously gifting the girls 32 soccer boots, full jerseys, training bibs, and a collection of balls.

Fueled by gratitude, Brenda urged fellow alumni to unite, emphasizing, "Our past support got us here, and it's time to pay it forward." Their collaborative efforts exemplify the spirit of community, inspiring the entire alumni network to contribute to a brighter future.

Our incredible alumni community has always been a shining example of compassion and unity, proving that the bond of family is truly significant! In a crucial moment in December 2023, two of our own faced health challenges, urgently needing financial support.

What happened next was nothing short of amazing – our remarkable alumni stepped up with incredible generosity, contributing a staggering total of TZS 1,202,200/=, with over 100 alumni joining forces!

This is not the only incidence in which alumni have shown the true essence of a family, but throughout 2023 our alumni extended valuable support to fellow graduates, who mourn the loss of loved ones, addressing emergencies, and helping their communities.

We appreciate them all for their empathy and shared commitment to uplift one another. Their acts of kindness and compassion not only reflect the values instilled during their time with us but also testify to the strengths of alumni bonds.

Annual health checkups at The School of St Jude have been made smoother, thanks to the dedicated efforts of our passionate alumni. Typically held in the early months of the year, last year witnessed the impactful involvement of up to 10 alumni who selflessly volunteered their time to ensure the success of the health checkup programs at Sisia and Smith campuses.

These alumni, proficient in Swahili and English, assume a pivotal role in bridging communication gaps between new students and the international Health Check Team. Their commitment goes beyond translation; they actively participate in collecting students from classrooms, guiding them to health check venues, and providing a reassuring presence for newcomers. Furthermore, they play a crucial role in supporting the data entry process, ensuring accurate and efficient recording of medical information.

Throughout the process, alumni may also take on various tasks assigned by the Community Relations team or the Health Check Team, utilizing their knowledge of the campus and resources to make the entire experience seamless.

What makes this initiative even more captivating is the diverse skill set among the alumni volunteers, including passionate doctors joyfully applying their medical expertise towards the well-being of the students!

Our heartfelt gratitude extends to the alumni who dedicated their time and skills this year both the graduate alumni and CSY volunteers; your contributions have been truly invaluable. As we eagerly anticipate the coming years, we look forward to welcoming more alumni to ensure the continued success of this essential program. Here's to a seamless and thriving experience for all involved!

“Ready to make a difference? Volunteer, Support, and inspire, Be the force that transforms communities. Reach out via our email alumni@schoolofstjude.co.tz  and share the stories that transform lives,”