February 15, 2022

Happy 20th St Jude’s

Who believes it is 20 years now since St Jude’s started? Who predicted that St Jude’s would hit 20 with so many  achievements? 20 good years of providing free and quality education. 20 good years of changing dreams to realities. 20 years of hot meals. 20 years of free and safe transport from home to school and school to home. We will write a book about these 20 years and sing songs.

We love to share how the day was and the best pictures of the day with you.

The day started when our special guests, alumni and Standard 1 and 2 students walked through the Tunnel of Love. Tunnel of love is a human tunnel that will weave its way through the primary school, where 20 years ago the first bricks of The School of St Jude were laid by Tanzanian builders and a small team of Rotarians from Australia. This Tunnel of Love pays special honour to our alumni who first walked these paths 20 years ago. They are now thriving in their studies and fields of work. With support from St Jude’s, they are the ones who paved the way for our newest Standard 1 and 2 students to follow their lead. They are just beginning their journeys, walking alongside those who have come before them, showing the huge impact of our school on generations of young Tanzanians.

We had speeches from The Academic Manager, The Founding Director, Alumni, iNGO Representative, and Mr Nestory. Traditional dances could never be missed.

Who remembers those moments when Gemma, the Founding Director, was a driver, headmistress, and teacher? Who remembers those days when Mr Nestory was the headmaster and Kiswahili teacher? Mr Mcharo as a PE teacher? Those days we visited national parks? There were a lot of memories flooding back as alumni were walking through the tunnel of love.

Just in case some of you are wondering how far the school has grown and developed, let us share the significant changes and growth within 20 years:

  • The school has grown from 3 students, and 1 campus to more than 1,800 students, 3 campuses
  • 1 teacher to over 300 staff, including alumni who started school in 2003
  • Becoming a whole school in 2014 after beginning with just one class
  • Opening boarding houses, there are now enough rooms for both girls and boys to sleep comfortably
  • Excellent national examination results over the years, including 3 Form 2 students who ranked in the top 10 nationally in 2021
  • The first Form 6 graduation in 2015, many of whom are now employees of different organisations and different sectors.
  • The first Beyond St Jude’s scholars enrolling in university in 2016
  • The first BSJ scholars graduating from university in 2019
  • Opening St Jude’s Girls’ Secondary School in 2020

“Walking through the tunnel of love made me emotional. I was walking while thinking of how far the school had come. Holding the little boy’s hand felt exactly how Gemma, the supporters, teachers, cleaners, cooks and drivers, held our hands towards our dreams. How they all played a part in our lives and made sure we achieved our goals. I could see doctors, engineers, teachers, bankers, and many other professionals in the students’ smiles and faces. I am grateful that Gemma dared to dream and put her dream into action,” Edna shared.

Welcome to watch the birthday video. We hope you enjoy it and look forward to seeing you when St Jude’s hits 40.

Do you have other memories you want us to share with your fellow alumni? Please email us alumni@schoolofstjude.co.tz   or WhatsApp 0766 200 609