February 20, 2023

Message from Vivian to Alumni

Dear Alumni

Happy New Year! I am so happy to welcome you all in our first quarter of the Alumni Newsletter for the year 2023.

It is an honor to connect with each and every one of you as members of our esteemed network. As we kickstart this new year, I want to tell you how valuable your network is; you are all connected not only by your shared experiences at The School of St Jude, but also by the impact your education has had on shaping who you are as individuals, and your communities.

This quarter is themed “Get Involved”. We have chosen this theme with the intention to show that where anything is shared, success always grows. Being a part of this network provides you valuable opportunities for professional development, networking and mentorship.

You will have the opportunity to connect with fellow alumni who are leaders in their respective fields, learn from them and potentially open doors to new career opportunities. Additionally, being a part of this network also allows you to give back to the school; financially by donating or sponsoring a student scholarship, or non-financially by mentoring current students, participating in school activities. Do not be shy!

However, in 2023, the involvement does not end with you. We as the Alumni team are committed to providing a wide range of opportunities for personal and professional growth:

  • Networking events: these can be a great way to connect with fellow alumni who work in your industry or have similar interests.
  • Mentorship programs: we will build on physical and virtual mentorship programs, conferences and seminars that connect our recent graduates with experienced alumni or professionals in the field who can provide guidance and advice on career development and employment.
  • Career services: we will actively research and share services such as job listings, resume reviews, and interview preparation, to help alumni find new job opportunities. Reach us anytime!
  • Online resource center:  we are excited to open you up to St Jude’s Alumni Portal, a one-stop-shop where each of you can access & share information and resources, and stay in touch with each other.

Let's continue to support and inspire each other as we build on the foundation laid during our time at The School of St Jude.