May 20, 2024

One Drop Saves Lives

Hey there, Alumni! Let's talk about something truly remarkable: the impact of donating blood.

Picture this: It's Blood Donation Day at St Jude's, and three alumni are stepping up to make a difference. But why? Well, for them, it's all about giving back to their community and being part of something bigger than themselves. Call it the St Jude's Spirit!

However, the trio's engagement in the event led to notable shifts in their perception regarding blood donation and its impact on healthcare. The three and the other participants admitted to previously underestimating the importance of blood donation, but their involvement in the event opened their eyes to the critical role it plays in saving lives.

Alumni Denis Tarimo, Class of 2017, speaks on how participating in the event changed his perception of blood donation, "I previously thought that it would be a long, uncomfortable process, but it was simple and easy. I am open to doing it again and again."

Misconceptions about blood donation

As it turned out, the process of donating blood wasn't as scary as they thought! Credit goes to St Jude's, which provided a supportive environment throughout the process. The health professionals present during the event provided thorough information and reassurance that donating blood does not hurt the donor (well, aside from the initial discomfort of the needle being inserted in your arm) and how it contributes to saving lives. These certainly eased the donors' worries and helped them overcome their hesitations.

The act of donating blood itself serves as a visible reminder of the ongoing need for blood supplies for medical emergencies. When individuals see others participating in donation events or hear stories of those who have donated, it sparks conversations and prompts questions about the importance of blood donation in saving lives.

"Events like Blood Donation Day at St Jude's provide a platform to raise awareness on the importance of blood donation and highlight success stories of those who have benefited from donated blood. They foster a sense of community and encourage ongoing participation in donation efforts," added Alumni Godfrey Magari, Class of 2016.

Let's keep making a difference together! Blood donation events aren't just about giving blood they're about community, learning, and impact. Join us and help spread the love, one drop at a time.