March 9, 2022

St Jude’s Podcast: Gemma and Renatus

Anybody ever listened to St Jude’s podcasts hosted by Gemma? Or anyone listened to podcasts hosted by Renatus?

If no, we have one podcast to start with. The first podcast when Gemma and Renatus are hosting each other. And this could be the first podcast that can lead you to listen to other podcasts from St Jude’s and theREN Experience hosted by Renatus.

You are welcome to watch: Gemma Sisia: Education, Religion, Sports, Creativity, Passion and Risk.

Renatus completed Form 4 from St Jude’s in 2017 and joined African Leadership Academy for his high school diploma. He later joined African Leadership University majoring on Entrepreneurship expecting to graduate in 2024. Renatus is the founder and creator of theREN Experience. TheREN Experience is a podcast about African free-thinkers, entrepreneurs, innovators, and those who challenge the status quo with the goal of transforming the African continent and its people for better.

Gemma has been hosting the inside St Jude’s podcast for couple years now. If anyone listened to the podcasts they can tell that Gemma has already hosted a few alumni oh the school podcasts. The inside St Jude’s podcasts do feature academic staff, Head Office staff, alumni and students. It updates people on what is happening at the school.

This time it was amazing seeing an alumni hosting Gemma. The podcast is all about how the school started and the achievements.

If you want to listen to more podcasts from St Jude’s, please visit the school website and listen to the Inside St Jude’s podcasts.