February 16, 2022

St Jude’s Spirit - Sifunieli

We all have read about St Jude’s Spirit, right? Alumni team shared with you in the last E-News and we are happy to share with you that more than 100 alumni are now financially supporting the school with the minimum of only 5,000Tshs and more than 100 are physically participating in the spirit program.

Sifuniel, class of 2017 is our spotlight this month. He is volunteering in St Jude’s Girls Secondary school, teaching Commerce and Book-keeping. Sifuniel has been volunteering since he was in Form 4. “Volunteering back at school as always being my favorite thing to do. It does not only help me give back to my beautiful school, but also help me learn through it”.

Sifuniel and a few others are volunteering in academics team, they help in fixing the gap that we have in teaching. They teach Geography, Math, English, and Kiswahili.  It has been amazing seeing alumni coming back and give teachers and other staff a hand. This shows how much alumni grew up with the heart of giving.

Sifuniel aired the impact that the school had to him, “St Jude’s changed my life a lot, I was able to attain the good communication skills and confidence required to meet the outside community. Every time I heard about a presentation in university, my face stretched with a beaming smile since I knew St Jude’s prepared me better for that”.

Do you want to be like Sifuniel and his friends? Do you want to be a part in the movement? You may participate through the following ways,

  1. Giving Money through
    • BSJ Stipend deduction,
    • Tigo-Pesa
    • Cash
    • Assisting with Extra-curricular Activities (ECAs) or sports coaching
    • Giving motivational talks to certain classes and/or at a school assembly
    • Helping to organise Alumni Association events
    • Mentoring the student government members or tutoring exam year students
    • Giving our brochures and other marketing material either locally or internationally
    • Speaking about St Jude’s either informally or formally, e.g., alumni speaking about the school at planned events, village meetings, church, or even with extended family members
    • Wearing St Jude’s branded clothing at events or promoting the school through the uses of merchandise to a public audience

Do you want want to be part of the puzzle? Do you want to fight against poverty? It is easy. Email alumni@schoolofstjude.co.tz or WhatsApp or message us via +255766200609 and we will take you through the process.