June 6, 2022

St Jude's Spirit

St Jude’s alumni are a strong family that hold each other’s hands and are there for one another. We’re a family that lives by the saying, ‘just one call away.’

It is amazing to see alumni take part in St Jude’s Spirit in different ways. We now have 147 alumni participating in financial giving and more than 50 volunteering. 

Apart from financial giving and volunteering, alumni have also been participating in acts of goodwill. Acts of goodwill are acts of generosity, thoughtfulness, compassion, or cooperation from the broader community that positively support St Jude’s and its alumni. Examples of alumni goodwill include blood donations and burial or medical contributions to fellow alumni.

Kelvin, also known as Lelo, is grateful and happy to see how supportive alumni and the St Jude’s community can be. Lelo had an accident a few months ago and St Jude’s stood as a family and managed to raise more than two million TZS to assist him with his treatment and upkeep. Both alumni and St Jude’s staff contributed.

“I can’t be thankful enough for my fellow alumni. They have been helpful, and the donation has helped me a lot and it saved my life. I hope this family stays together forever. I am grateful for Faraja and Thomas. They have been there for me during my physio sessions. My biggest prayer is that God keeps on blessing St Jude’s alumni forever,” Kelvin shares.

The Alumni team appreciates all of you. Participating in acts of goodwill and any other acts in St Jude’s Spirit is the strongest way of keeping you together and bridging the gap between you and your alma mater.

If you want to be a part of St Jude’s Spirit financially, please do not hesitate to email us at alumni@schoolofstjude.co.tz or contact us on WhatsApp/Message 0766 200 906.