August 17, 2021

St Jude's Spirit

Many of you have heard about St Jude’s Spirit already – today we are here to help you understand how you can be a part of the movement.

St Jude’s Spirit is a movement uniting our six stakeholders in fighting poverty through education. It’s a movement of giving back.

Alumni is lucky to be part of St Jude’s stakeholders, along with students, families, staff, local community and international supporters. This gives alumni a great chance to give back in different ways and be a part of fighting poverty through education, something that alumni have been a part of since 2018.

There are more than 100 alumni donating cash every month, and more than 140 alumni volunteer at St Jude’s in different teams, departments, and campuses. Donating and volunteering back at St Jude’s have been a way for alumni to give back, feel good and be a valued member of the movement. The way alumni feel while donating both financially, and volunteering is heart touching. Some Alumni shared how they feel:

“Being part of St. Jude’s financial volunteer feels great as it gives me a sense of purpose to touch the lives of the young talented generation that St. Jude’s is upbringing. I have been a student at the school before, and generous supporters supported my education. It is time for me as alumni who understands what it means to get free quality education from the school to volunteer and support thousands of stories from the school financially”.  Eben, Class of 2016, shared.

The smile and joy that volunteers have around school campuses are overwhelming. Charles, Class of 2017, shared why he always loves to volunteer, “I feel connected to the school. I love being part of St Jude’s and all that it has done to make me the kind of person I am today. I know I am still not financially capable of helping the school, but I hope that participating in the school activities is my way of saying thanks for all that I have received at the school”.

Alumni part of the puzzle
Like people who carry St Jude’s legacy, you can be part of the movement in two significantly different ways
Financial Giving: St Jude’s alumni may donate towards the spirit in three different ways.

  1. By sacrificing your Stipend: Scholars under BSJ program may sacrifice their 5,000/= every month. This amount of money will be directly be deducted from your Stipend every month.
  2. Electronic money transfer: You may decide to donate 6,000/= via our Tigo Pesa number 0657 242 493 registered under Lister Gerald Mshanga.
  3. Making cash donations at the Sisia Campus cashier window

If you have not started to donate, don’t worry, it is never too late. Let us know via the method you want to use in donating, and you will become one of the puzzle players.

Voluntary Services
Alumni may also give back to St Jude’s by giving their time and assisting in different school departments, such as coaching sports, assisting in classes, during student selections or speaking at school assemblies.
Alumni can request a voluntary placement from the school via email at, and the Alumni Team regularly communicates volunteering opportunities via email and social media announcements.

In addition to volunteering at St Jude’s, the community also recognises Alumni team doing acts of goodwill and carrying St Jude’s flag very well – for example, spreading the word about St Jude’s, speaking at a university, church or local community event about St Jude’s, giving out brochures or doing something exceptional like donating blood for a fellow student.

It has never been easy for the team to know everybody living by St Jude’s values and spread news, but guess what? Alumni can now help us recognise those people.

It is easy, fill these google forms, and you will help Alumni team recognise alumni who are players of the puzzle.

As the heart and soul of the organisation, carrying St Jude’s legacy, you are welcome to be a part of this movement.
In case of any question, concern or more information about St Jude’s Spirit, please do not hesitate to email us via or call us via 0766 200 609. We are always ready to answer all your questions and concerns.