November 25, 2021

The Alumni Reunion 2021

Did you miss this year's reunion? Did you wish to come and couldn't make it? Don't worry you we have pictures and videos to share with you.

On October 23, 200+ alumni reunited. This was more than reuniting. Alumni had enough time with the students at Smith and share many experiences with them. Alumni also mentored students on different career and university choices, employment and life at and after university.

The dinner gala was another memorable part of the day. Alumni had drinks and food together. Sharing the old memories, stories they always wanted to share. They had enough time to network and change ideas on different.

St Jude's cameramen helped in taking photos for the day. Please see some fantastic pictures for the day.

The cameramen also had some beautiful video shots. Enjoy the reunion video, and please share it with friends.

We want to take this chance to send a special thank you to all those who participated in making the day happen. The committee played a vital role in planning and creating the reunion day beautiful, fun and enjoyable. Special thanks to Hezron, Irene, Luqman, Godlove, Elisha, Pascal, Frank and Charles.

Do you have any idea for our next reunion? Stay tuned, and we will send a survey for you to fill in and help us know your choices.