August 9, 2022

The tassels worth the hassle: Meet our international graduates

Meet our 2022 international graduates.

Over the years, The School of St Jude has been proud to produce exceptional alumni with outstanding portfolios, and it’s no surprise to us that many of our alumni seek international study opportunities.

International scholarships provide alumni with exciting opportunities to study degrees not offered here in Tanzania. International colleges are also known to offer extensive services such as mentorships, career guidance, and networking; bonuses which grant alumni other academic and research opportunities, and create close-knit friendships with people from all over the world.

This year, we are excited to celebrate three alumni who have just graduated with their bachelor degrees. Lilian Mitivoi (Class of 2017) graduated from Marist College in the US, Elizabeth Mbuya (Class of 2017) graduated from Westminster College in the US and Ester Etrofin (Class of 2017) graduated from Ashesi University in Ghana. All three successfully secured fully funded external scholarships to the US and Ghana four years ago.

Ester, a keen football player at school, continued to play soccer for her university team. Along with her degree in Science in Business Administration , she took home the prize for the best defender on the squad despite stiff competition. When it comes to Ghanaian cuisine, Ester had a lot to get used to. “The meals are rather hot. At first, it was difficult for me, but I eventually grew accustomed to it,” she says. Ester maintains that confidence is essential in all we do and that we should not be hesitant to seize opportunities when they are provided to us.

Elizabeth, who traveled with Gemma this year on her US tour, also had a lot to say. Growing up in Tanzania and then going to such a developed nation is a significant transition, as one might anticipate. Elizabeth studied Accounting, Business Administration and International Business. She was especially taken back by the prevalence of adding ice to beverages. "I found it challenging to comprehend why Americans enjoy iced drinks all year round. Someone will enter class carrying an iced coffee or ordering a drink with ice even when it is snowing outside! I guess I never really understood why, and I still don't!” Elizabeth laughs.

Elizabeth currently works as an Account Payable Specialist in a hospital in Missouri.

Lilian reports that the idea of mental wellness, emotional intelligence, and having empathy and compassion for others have changed her life. For her fellow alumni who are considering pursuing higher education, Lilian has three pieces of advice.

“First, make completing your degree a priority, and make sure you never fall behind on any of the requirements. Go during office hours and make sure you ask the instructors and teaching assistants for help if you need it,” Lilian advises.

“Secondly, be mindful of the company you keep in college because they will shape and define your college experience in one way or another,” she cautions.

“Thirdly, be nice and respectful to everyone you meet and don’t forget to have fun!” Lilian says.

Lilian now works as Clinical Laboratory Technologist in US. She plans to work there for a few years then return back home with experience to share in our country's healthcare system.

Alumni who are keen to study internationally like Ester, Elizabeth and Lilian should keep an eye out for fully funded undergraduate and postgraduate scholarships through the Alumni office and our online platforms.