February 14, 2024


Hello, St Jude’s Alumni Family,

Hope this message finds you all in the best of spirits! You know, John Lennon once dropped some wisdom - dreaming together turns dreams into reality. Fast forward to today, and we're thrilled to unveil something that embodies that spirit - ALUMNI – NISHIKE MKONO!

What's the scoop? It's a group of amazing St Jude's Alumni, and it's not your usual group. Nope, it's not about politics, religion, or tribes. But, hey, if you want to dive into community issues or politics, feel free - no judgment here!

As we sail through this first quarter of the year, we're all about togetherness. You've done incredible things - settling medical bills, supporting each other in tough times, and being the backbone of one another. The Alumni and Graduates Careers department is over the moon about the love and support we've seen.

We're kicking it up a notch; drumroll, please! Introducing you to a fund that wasn't born in our department's boardroom; instead, a few alumni came together, recognizing a need. This fund got your back when life throws a curveball your way.

Now, let's keep it real. The fund's starting small - emergencies only. But, hey, in the future, it’s dreaming big - weddings, baby celebrations, and more. Loans? Not in the playbook, at least for now. The fund is building its foundation strong before diving into the deep financial end.

Quick deets - this fund is for ALL alumni, no exclusions. We're talking to every one of the 1,100+ strong St Jude's alumni. If you're not on board yet, hit up this FORM. We're all about unity - Umoja ni nguvu, right?

Here's the deal - if you're not in the fund, you won't get emergency help from the fund. But, don't worry, a message will be sent out to inform the alumni community, and the normal procedures for voluntary contributions will take their course.

Life's full of twists, but knowing you've got a crew to back you up? That's the game-changer. Let's do this together!


If you want to know more about this exciting initiative, please contact Charles Yohana 17' - +255 759 926 173