August 9, 2022

Welcome Alumni Class of 2022

A letter to the newest members of our Alumni Association.

Dear Class of 2022,

Have you ever given yourself a thought of what would happen after graduating from secondary school? Your secondary school journey was long and full of happy memories to remember, and you probably wish you had a photo of each one, don’t you? The good news is, the day that you all have been waiting for since you began attending St Jude’s has arrived!  This is the moment where the Alumni association reunites you with students who graduated since 2015!

Some of your classmates are currently doing their national service; others have begun their journey of giving back to the society through volunteering; and a few others are enrolling in colleges and universities this year round. This is a significant step towards your future, and we can't wait to see what happens next. We hope you'll return to tell us, visit us during reunion days or any other days when you are free to do so, and share any news and hard-won wisdom with the students who will be starting where you are right now. 

It has been a long, voyage with positive memories, and most of all, stressful moments where you had to ponder about tests.  It’s now a great time for you to engage in different activities that happen with St Jude’s Alumni so that you may continue to work as a close-knit family. We are happy to welcome you to be part of our Alumni and we feel most honored to do so.

St Jude’s alumni will serve as valuable resources of information on a range of topics, such as job prospects, connecting you with recent graduates, and a way for you to show your appreciation for the assistance the school has provided through the Spirit initiative. We greatly appreciate each and every one of you for joining and contributing from your stipends. It demonstrates your kindness. Applying for international scholarships abroad is very possible with the assistance from the Alumni and Career Guidance team.

Meet some of the class of 2022 students who overcame their fears and are now happy to teach at their local government school. They feel great when their students cooperate and participate in class discussions.

Alumni from the class of 2022, Neema and Yusuph, are currently teaching students in government schools as part of their CSY. Neema believes that despite the students' limited English proficiency, she considers teaching them to be very engaging because they are eager and receptive to new ideas. "Every day is a good day for me. Teaching is very exciting for me since the students I deal with want to learn something new every day, even though English speaking is somehow difficult for them," says Neema. Yusuph also feels good about volunteering, “It makes me happy because I spend my spare time assisting students, and I really like the sense that I'm making a small but really big difference to my students' lives,” says Yusuph

We are happy to have you join us and we wish you all the best.