February 27, 2016

Producing future leaders

Take a look behind the scenes and see how we're producing well-rounded leaders.

You don't consistently rank in the top 10% nationally without a serious focus on classroom education, but here at St Jude's we know that future leaders need more than just impressive exam results.

Our approach extends beyond the classroom and into every facet of St Jude's life, producing community-focused leaders with strong skills and values.

These photos from our boarding campuses at Moivaro and Usa River give you a sneak peak into every day life and show our holistic approach in action.


Those bright uniforms you see when you visit don't stay bright without regular cleaning - especially with all the running around our students do.

Both boarding campuses are equipped with washing stations so our students can wash their clothes, a valuable step in becoming mature, self-sufficient young adults.


Our students understand the importance of the finer details. That's why they spend time on the little things like shining their shoes.

Cleaning doesn't have to be a chore, especially when you're surrounded by friends who are happy to help.


At St Jude's, we believe you reap what you sow - and the garden is a perfect place to learn this lesson.

Gardening is an important Extra-Curricular Activity at St Jude's, especially with agriculture playing such a vital role in Tanzania's future.

Our budding green thumbs help look after the gardens, which help provide the food for their meals. And they have fun while they're doing it!


Cleaning up after 1400 boarding students could be a lot of work!

Thankfully, our students take an active role in cleaning up after themselves, learning responsibility and how to appreciate their surroundings.


Our boarding campuses have rooms where our students can revise and study under the supervision of helpful and experienced boarding parents.


All work and no play is never a good idea.

That's why our campuses are fitted with football fields, basketball courts, volleyball courts - and even a badminton court.

Not only is sport a great way to socialise and cultivate a spirit of teamwork, it keeps our students fit and healthy.


Football is a favourite for boys and girls (and they don't always stick to the field!).


We're fighting poverty through education - so it helps to be strong. That's why some of our secondary school students enjoy working out with cleverly-conceived gym equipment!


The result: not only are our students excelling in the classroom, our holistic approach is creating happy and healthy community-focused leaders with strong skills and values.

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