Roses and Weapons

By Student  Abdallah

Through well raised kids, we see a bright future as depicted with their bright eyes. Parents take on the responsibility of protecting their kids future by raising them well and they inherit African Customs as depicted in this drawing and seen by the markings beside their eyes, which symbolize the African traditional weapons, a Shield and Spears which are used for protection, we also see markings on the chest which symbolizes roses, we give roses to show love, care, peace and makes life full of harmony.

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About the Artwork and Artist

Abdallah joined The School of St Jude in 2012 at age 9. He is part of the Mpare people are indigenous to the Pare Mountains of Tanzania, south-east of Mt Kilimanjaro. The area was once very strategic as a northern landmark on one of East African long distance trade routes connecting the hinterland with the Indian Ocean coast.  Historically, the Mpare people were also known as ‘rainmakers’. Whilst Abdallah loves to spend his free time working on his art, he hopes to one day learn animation and work as an animator.

Art Specs

  • Size: 28cm x 40cm
  • Medium: Graphite on 160gsm paper

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