During February, all St Jude’s students receive comprehensive health checks from a team of volunteer health professionals and assistants, to ensure they’re growing up healthy and happy. So, what are they checking for?

After health checks, students who need further care, like glasses, dentistry or additional examination, are referred on to local specialists.

How time flies...  this time in 2016 was an exciting time for Dorice and Gemma. Dorice had been chosen to travel with Founder of The School of St Jude, Gemma Sisia to Australia, for the very first annual tour with a St Jude’s graduate.

As this was Dorice’s first time overseas, she was bursting with excitement. She could not wait to share her journey with the audience. She told audiences all about her school years at St Jude’s and her dream of becoming a doctor.

So, where is Dorice today?

Dorice has realised her dream of becoming a doctor! In December, she graduated with a degree in medicine and has started her residency, an internship program or training for graduates with a Doctor of Medicine degree, in Mwanza, located in northern Tanzania. Now, she plans to specialise in gynaecology.

Dorice’s university education was supported by Beyond St Jude’s (BSJ), our program for secondary graduates.

Dorice is a wonderful example of the life-changing power of education. Once a student supported by donors and sponsors, now Dorice is supporting her community as a doctor!