Givers are grinners

Our newest Standard 1 recruits are so grateful for the support we receive from generous donors.

How St Jude’s supporters are fundraising for the future of Tanzania’s poorest and brightest.

Life as a volunteer

Angela Black, who worked at St Jude's from 2012-15 reflects on her time at the school.

Outgoing marketing manager Angela Black shares her experiences from three years at St Jude’s.

Are You an Experienced Teacher Looking for an Amazing Opportunity?

Are You an Experienced Teacher Looking for an Amazing Opportunity?

If you’re a teacher looking for an exciting new job, experience living abroad, and the chance to give back, then you could be one of the next Teacher Mentors at The School of St. Jude.  In this interview, Gaye Tiplady, a St Jude’s Leadership Mentor with over 25 years of education experience, explains what it’s like to […]

Meet Felix Mollel

Felix is from the Massai tribe and lives with his wife Nembris and their two beautiful daughters, Emily (pictured) and Abigail.

If you’ve ever visited St Jude’s and were given a tour of the Sisia or Smith Campuses, chances are a jovial Tanzanian man named Felix guided you in and out of the classrooms, around the playgrounds and sat with you in the outdoor dining hall. If not, you’re bound to have met him, as he’s […]

A moment with Angela Bailey, one of St Jude’s original volunteers

(From left to right) Kim Saville, Angela Bailey and Gemma Sisia being honored during St Jude's Day 2012

As the story goes, St Jude’s started in 2002 with just three students, two classrooms and one volunteer teacher who packed up her bags for Tanzania, to help with a project that was barely off the ground. That volunteer, fresh out of university, was Angela Bailey, who would leave an indelible mark on the school […]

Be a part of the change and volunteer at St Jude’s

In early 2015, our oldest students – currently in Form 4 – will be graduating from The School of St Jude. They’ll be our inaugural graduating class from our Smith secondary school. It’s almost unfathomable to consider this prospect and yet, before we know it, three years will pass in the blink of an eye. […]