Back to school

A look at how students are adjusting back at school after the shutdown caused by COVID-19

A New Wave

Dancing in the Streets: Uniform Day is quite the festival at St Jude’s

It’s a highlight on the St Jude’s calendar. The day the soon to be Standard 1 and 2 students arrive at the school to have their new uniforms fitted.

Hey, Jude!

Flying High

Judith’s smile lights up any room, and she can’t wait to meet you in March!

Knowing You to Know Me

Watching On

Beyond St Jude’s Community Service Year intern Rickson, talks about the importance of family, education and learning from others.

The First Graduates

All Smiles: Edwina reveling in her success.

As 2019 drew to a close, St Jude’s celebrated an historic first when 24 former students supported by the Beyond St Jude’s program became the first to graduate from university.

Visitors’ Viewpoint

Purple Carpet

Australians Robyn and Steve Holland visited The School of St Jude in October 2019. With backgrounds in communications and media we invited them, in their own words, to give an insight into their experience.