Issue 09, 2020

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In this issue
  • Opening a world full of possibilities
    for St Jude’s newest candidates.
  • Meet super supporters raising funds
    for St Jude’s.
  • Emmanuel, a Form 4 student, is setting out to make an impact in his community.
  • Beyond St Jude’s is turning graduates’ dreams into reality.

Issue 08, 2020

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In this issue
  • Visit St Jude’s from the comfort of your own home… Social distancing does not have to mean socially disconnecting.
  • Students share how club activities are sharpening their social skills and building their characters to be better future leaders.
  • Primary school students prepare for national examination success.
  • Taking action to engage, encourage and prepare female students to be tomorrow’s science teachers, scientists and leaders.
  • Building an effective student government to nurture future leaders.

Issue 07, 2020

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In this issue
  • Hear from secondary students about what it's like to return to school after the COVID-19 shutdown.
  • Experience a full-circle moment as Baba, one of the first 24 Beyond St Jude's graduates, returns to teach at the girls' secondary school.
  • Take a seat inside an art class with Ms Edina.
  • Meet a very passionate accounting teacher, Mr Somboka, who got St Jude's into the top 10 in the country.

Issue 02, 2020

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In this issue
  • Find out more about Judith, the St Jude’s graduate accompanying Gemma on tour this month
  • Hear from our first tertiary graduates on their graduation day!
  • Experience a taste of Uniform Day for our new Standard 1 and 2 students
  • Read about Rickson and his journey from Standard 1 to Community Service Year intern
  • Immerse yourself in a visit to St Jude’s from a visitors perspective

Issue 01, 2020

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In this issue
  • A woman in the Midst of Men - Civics teacher is ready to inspire her girls on their first day in their new school
  • Faces Full of Hope - St Jude’s Girls’ Secondary School anticipate a bright future
  • Mothers and Daughters - Anne and Angela Bailey reflect on their 18-year history with St Jude’s

Issue 11, 2019

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In this issue
  • Madam President - Scottish sponsor meets student after 11 years
  • Caring for the Next Generation - Graduate Lina on giving back to St Jude's
  • St Jude's Day - students celebrate their school's namesake

Issue 10, 2019

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In this issue
  • Lessons from Bibi - what a student learnt from his grandmother
  • Inside the Classroom - Mr Polepole talks about teaching chemistry
  • Proud Africans - a look inside St Jude's 2019 Cultural Day

Issue 09, 2019

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In this issue
  • 'Kids Can Do Things' - an extraordinary teenager who wants to help
  • Inside the Classroom - catch a glimpse of our primary students in their art class
  • The Irene's of Tomorrow - 2017 St Jude's graduate runs her own workshop to help her community

Issue 08, 2019

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In this issue
  • A Headmaster's Hope - going the extra mile for new Form 5s
  • Alumni Spirit - 246 St Jude's graduates regroup
  • Tailoring a better future - an insight into St Jude's uniforms

Issue 07, 2019

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In this issue
  • Making History - First University Graduates
  • A New Chapter - New Form 5s join St Jude's
  • Kicking Goals - Soccer fever hits St Jude's