Issue 08, 2021

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In this issue
  • Read about our girls’ school Cultural Day, which strengthens students’ connections to Tanzania’s diverse culture.
  • Meet our new Form 5 students who are learning the skills they’ll need for a life of leadership.
  • Step inside our libraries, where our students read, study and expand their knowledge.
  • Meet our friendly school neighbours, who recently visited St Jude’s and saw first-hand how we are nurturing future leaders.

Issue 07, 2021

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In this issue
  • The School of St Jude delegation visits the Parliament of Tanzania.
  • Meet the members of St Jude's staff who work hard to prepare for Standard 1 and 2 Student Selection Day.
  • Read about St Jude’s students who are determined to make the impossible possible with science.
  • Learn about St Jude's expanded Sports Program and how it helps students build a strong foundation.

Issue 06, 2021

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In this issue
  • Four primary students share their stories of hope
  • Read about four unsponsored students determined to be future leaders
  • Meet Judica, an alum whose story of transformation runs parallel to St Jude’s own
  • Three St Jude’s alumni share what it’s like to be back working at their school

Issue 05, 2021

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In this issue
  • Honouring and celebrating 139 Form 6 graduates as they begin the next chapter of their lives.
  • Meet the two students and one alum whose stories feature in the Annual Appeal.
  • Read about the students who recently presented their first speech at an international conference.
  • See how we are equipping academic leaders with important leadership skills to inspire St Jude’s students.

Issue 04, 2021

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In this issue
  • 14 students from the girls’ secondary school take a motivational trip to Lake Manyara National Park.
  • The School of St Jude acknowledges local community contributions by introducing its new St Jude’s Spirit Program.
  • Meet Ms Bernadette and Professor Lucky who passionately serve on The School of St Jude Secondary School Board.
  • Mr Ombeni, our enthusiastic Head of Social Studies, is shaping students into leaders.

Issue 03, 2021

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In this issue
  • The Beyond St Jude’s team travel thousands of kilometres across the country to check in on our Tertiary scholars.
  • The St Jude’s Special: An online event with Gemma and graduates is coming to your screens, don’t miss it!
  • Students from near and far make their way to St Jude’s Form 5 Student Selection Day.
  • Faraja Nyalandu, a prominent social entrepreneur in Tanzania visits The School of St Jude to inspire our students.

Issue 02, 2021

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In this issue
  • Hear from St Jude’s secondary students on how they are helping new students transition into a new school.
  • Read about how an entrepreneurship club is fostering and promoting students’ entrepreneurial spirit.
  • See how our students go beyond the classroom to learn through experience.
  • Meet Mr Tsingay, who shares his experience of being a teacher and leader at The School of St Jude.

Issue 01, 2021

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In this issue
  • The School of St Jude staff go beyond to reach students from remote regions in Tanzania.
  • We look at Uniform Day, a special day for our newest Standard 1 and 2 students.
  • St Jude's students' parents meet school's leaders at the annual Parent Expectations Meeting.
  • We reflect on major events and our journey through the year 2020.

Issue 11, 2020

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In this issue
  • Our first Form 1 selection day with testing centres across three regions.
  • We celebrate our first engineers graduating from university this December.
  • Be inspired to give the gift of education this giving season.
  • Meet Robinson, who believes a voice of reason is key to academic success.

Issue 10, 2020

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In this issue
  • Experience our first girls’ school Form 4 Celebration and Awards Day.
  • See how our supporters, staff and family challenged themselves to raise funds
    for St Jude’s.
  • Read about Ms Anna, a Kiswahili teacher that uses her stories to inspire students.
  • Find out what David and Herieth, St Jude’s alumni, are up to after completing their Community Service Year.