February 15, 2024

Kiswahili Word of The Month.

Expand your Kiswahili vocabulary with our word of the month.

Favourite Spot on Campus: St Jude’s students relaxing at a Kimbweta.


[Kim-bweh-tah] Noun. Singular 

Kimbweta refers to the wooden or concrete slabs found outside college and university campuses that students may use for personal studies, group discussions, or just catching up socially. You can see many examples of the Kimbweta across St Jude’s three campuses; where our students, staff and visitors sit, interact and refresh.


The name “Kimbweta” has a fascinating origin dating back to the mid-1990s at Tanzania’s prestigious University of Dar es Salaam. At that time, the university faced a recurring issue of thieves targeting outdoor studying furniture for students. Seeking a permanent solution, Prof Kimbwete, a dedicated lecturer, proposed replacing vulnerable outdoor furniture with sturdy concrete slabs.

The initiative was highly successful, and these new concrete slabs quickly gained popularity, becoming widely known as “Kimbwete” (singular) or “Vimbwete” (plural) after Prof Kimbwete. Over time, the name evolved to the singular form “Kimbweta” and has been widely adopted in universities and educational institutions across the country.

Example sentences

Let’s meet at the Kimbweta after school.

I like doing my personal studies at the Kimbweta during school breaks.

Kimbweta is my favourite place to be after class hours!

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