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Kate Keaney and Caoimhe O'Neill (image credit: Bray People, Independent ie.)

Students from the Dominican College Wicklow were blessed with some great weather as they carried out a five-hour fundraising car wash at the school.

The event on Saturday, April 21, was held to raise funds for the School of St Jude in Tanzania.

The School of St Jude educates disadvantaged, bright students in the Arusha area of Tanzania to help them become moral and intellectual leaders in their country. The school receives no State funding so depends entirely on voluntary donations.

Some Dominican students will travel over to Tanzania in the summer.

Some of the students plan on running marathons to raise money while other fundraisers were held during the week, including a cinema day. The funds raised through the car wash are still being established but €22,000 had already been raised prior to that through a series of other different events.

Bray People (read the original article here).


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