St Jude's Student Art Program

Encouraging creativity of expression

Student Art Program

Welcome to an exciting new project here at The School of St Jude! St Jude’s Student Art Program was born out of the talent of our incredible students, celebrating the beauty and diversity of Tanzanian culture. This new initiative is set to complement our enduring focus on holistic education, encourage creativity in our school and share that passion with you, our wonderful supporters.

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What is the St Jude's Student Art Program?

This initiative is designed to support, encourage and develop the skills of budding artists here at the school, while giving supporters the opportunity to have a little piece of St Jude’s in their own home. St Jude’s Student Art Program complements our already thriving Arts Clubs and classes here at the school through:

  • Improving our students' artistic skills
  • Dedicated funding for arts through having artworks available to order on our website as well as direct donations to the program
  • Having a collection of students’ art available for showcasing at the onsite gallery at Sisia Campus.
  • Creating a program of events and promotions to showcase, knowledge share and celebrate our artists
  • Providing specialist career advice and support for students looking to build a future with art
  • By supporting our Student Art Initiative, you are also directly benefiting the student artists themselves. For each original artwork the student artist will receive a 10% commission from the total price. 

How it all started…

At St Jude’s we have always had a focus on holistic education and art has been part of our curriculum since we first opened our doors. Over the years we have noticed the growth in high quality art being produced by our students, and in May 2022, a group of enthusiastic visitors saw this quality first-hand and passionately encouraged us to share our art with the world. Through this new program we will build on our strong history with the arts and, through generating interest via this program, be able to provide even better opportunities for our young artists.

Your artwork order or donation will go directly back into supporting our students.

Why is this program important?


Showcasing and nurturing the creative skills of our students. 


Sharing our students’ rich, colourful Tanzanian culture with the world.


Bringing the St Jude’s experience into people’s homes.


Boosting our students’ creative confidence through public support.

Gift artwork to a friend?

Extend St Jude’s talent and culture to your friends and family with something a bit more tangible. Our artwork is the perfect gift for a wide variety of occasions and special days. Surprise your loved ones with a beautiful and unique piece of art that means a little more than your average gift!

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Ordering an artwork isn’t the only way to support the St Jude’s Student Art Program. We welcome donations that will go directly to supporting us in providing our students with top-quality materials. Donations will also support the growth of our new gallery that will display our students’ work.

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Interested in running an Art Fundraiser?

Are you interested in running an art auction or perhaps hosting a fundraiser event with our student art displayed? We welcome any and all support for our Art Program so please get in touch to discuss your idea and we will do anything we can to assist.