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Connecting Virtually

Visit St Jude’s from the comfort of your own home… Social distancing does not have to mean socially disconnecting

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Purple Carpet

Visitors’ Viewpoint

Australians Robyn and Steve Holland visited The School of St Jude in October 2019. With backgrounds in communications and media we invited them, in their own words, to give an insight into their experience.

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Reading class: Lance lends a hand to primary students.

Kids Can Do Things

American teenager, Lance, uses his Christmas and birthday money to help sponsor Standard 3 student’s academic scholarship.

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All smiles: MLC teacher, Zoe, with some local students.

One Girl to Another

Methodist Ladies’ College students from Melbourne, experience a Tanzanian government school as part of the St Jude’s Visitor Program.

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Friendly faces: Margo and Tina with the students whose academic scholarships they sponsor.

Lucky Seven

Repeat visitors are excited to see St Jude’s enter new era, with a dedicated girls’ school to grow the number of graduates

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To make sure parcels arrive and incur no expenses for the school

  • Please do NOT register or insure any mail as it costs the school at least USD $25 in taxes at our end.
  • Mark all parcels as being “second-hand goods” or “personal gifts”.
  • Ensure the description of goods written on the parcel matches the actual items inside as customs and postal staff frequently inspect contents of parcels.
  • Please label all parcels clearly with the first and last name of the recipient and your full name.
  • Please put the value of the package at no more than US$10 (the lower the better).
  • Ensure that your parcel is LESS THAN 2KG. We have been advised that parcels less than 2KG are technically tax-free regardless of content, but this is not guaranteed by all postal workers.

Tax-free items include books, personal goods and anything that is not new. Used goods, used clothes, etc…(please remove labels and packaging from all items before sending them)

Keep in mind that parcels sent by airmail can take up to four months to get here (sea mail is even longer – often 12+ months!), so don’t worry if it takes a while for us to let you know the parcel has arrived.