October 18, 2016

See our student selection

Join us as we choose the students who will receive a free, high-quality education.

Each year St Jude’s begins the long, difficult but very important task of choosing its newest Grade 1 class. This year, we did things a little differently, inviting the top 10 students from every local government school to come and sit our entrance test. 

Gemma said, “This change will better allow us to offer the most deserving students and families the chance at a St Jude’s education and while I wish we could offer every student in Arusha the chance of a scholarship, this just isn’t possible. We felt this change made the whole process fairer.” 

The nearly 1,000 students who were invited began to arrive bright and early, armed with their invitation letters, pencils and a determination to succeed. The students first sat a reading test, with those who passed moving onto a written test. The successful students then underwent a documents check to ensure they meet our age and other entry requirements. 

Of the nearly 1,000 students who tried only 117 passed this first stage. Those who passed will now undergo our strict poverty assessment. Organised by our Community Relations team, this stage of the process allows us to ensure that every St Jude’s scholarship is gifted to a student whose life will change the most.

We can’t wait to introduce you to the deserving new students early next year when they begin at St Jude’s!

Selection Day

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