May 5, 2022

Supporting Student Leaders

St Jude’s student leaders polish their leadership skills for the future.

Future Intellectual Leaders: Goodluck (Standing), Head Boy at St Jude's Secondary School, chatting with other student leaders.

The School of St Jude has a vision for its students; an educated community of moral and intellectual leaders, fighting poverty in Tanzania. To make this vision a reality, St Jude's instils leadership skills in students from an early age, nurturing responsible and confident individuals.

New Leaders in Town: (L-R) Goodluck (Head Boy), Isdory (Academic perfect) and Diana (head Girl) at St Jude’s Secondary School.

One emerging leader is Diana, Head Girl at St Jude’s Secondary School.

She says, “St Jude’s helps develop our leadership skills by providing and attending seminars and workshops inside and outside the campus. It also gives us the opportunity to exercise our leadership in different platforms.” 

“The leadership positions are not just handed to us. We have to go through an election. Anyone passionate about being a leader takes the form. Then, we go through an interview with the electoral committee, we run campaigns, then we go for elections,” Diana explains.

The election process for the student leaders is open and fair. Interested students put their names forward and run for the available positions. Thereafter, students elect candidates who they think have what it takes to lead them.

"Leading means being a role model for others. As a result, I’ve become a more responsible individual who works hard to succeed and achieve my academic goals," Diana adds.

Each of St Jude’s three schools has its own student leaders. At St Jude’s Primary School and St Jude’s Secondary School, there is a Head Girl, Head Boy and a variety of other prefects. At St Jude’s Girls’ Secondary School, it’s a little different, with a Head Girl, General Secretary and other prefects.

Polishing Leadership Skills: (L-R) Diana (head Girl), Goodluck (Head Boy) and Isdory (Academic Prefect) share leadership skills.

Goodluck, Head Boy at St Jude’s Secondary School, appreciates the way that St Jude's encourages students to become future leaders. “From the beginning, as we enter the school’s gates, the school shows faith in us and believes that one day we will become great leaders of this country,” he says.

“In my opinion, a good leader should be self-motivated and self-disciplined. They must also have influence, be able to mobilise others to do good and be determined,” Goodluck shares. 

Leadership plays a key role in a holistic St Jude’s education. More than that, the school hopes that by equipping students with leadership skills, they’ll go on to become leaders in their communities, sharing the skills and knowledge they gain at St Jude’s.

Step by step, St Jude’s is coming closer to its vision; a community of moral and intellectual leaders, fighting poverty in Tanzania.

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