November 15, 2022

2022 in Review

Can you beleive 2022 has come to an end? It seems as if we only celebrated the new year a few months ago!

All of us in the Alumnit team hope you all had a fantastic year. There might have been ups and downs, long rides, and bumpy roads but we made it!

It has been a good and blessed year for the Alumni team and Alumni Association. Find out everything we’ve achieved together this year!

Alumni Association Growth

 We now have more than 1,000 alumni in the Alumni Association. It feels good to have more alumni who are connected and are members of the association. The Alumni Association includes all indivuduals who have successfully graduated from Form 4 and Form 6 at St Jude’s. So, if you have a friend who is not a member yet or was in your Form 4 group and would wish to join our association, please help us by sending their details to

International Scholarships

The Alumni team now guides alumni wishing to apply for different international scholarships. In the 2022 cycle, fifteen alumni were awarded international scholarships. We are proud of them and wish them well in flying the school's flag.

St Jude's Spirit

What a big achievement to end the year with! We have a few alumni who give back to the school in both financial and non-financial ways. Alumni donate to the school (minimum of 5,000) which goes directly to the unsponsored students' fund. More than 200 alumni contribute financially, and more than 120 alumni participate non-financially. Do you want to give back to the school and do not know how? Please reach out to us through or 0769200609.


Congratulations to the St Jude’s Secondary School Class of 2022! It wasn’t easy, but look at you now, already graduated! We also had our first BSJ Recognition Ceremony at St Jude's Girls' Secondary School, to celebrate the graduation of all 2022 college and university graduates. We are looking forward to having more graduations in the future. Are you expected to graduate in 2023 and you are not under BSJ Scholarship? Would you like to attend your special recognition ceremony at St Jude's? Please let us know by sending your the name of your course of study and your university to

A New Cohort Join University 

The newest batch of St Jude’s alumni have joined college and university! The Alumni team wishes you all the best. Remember to stick to your dreams and do your best. Don’t forget to maintain a life outside the class, network, and most importantly keep in touch.

2022 Alumni Reunion

We had our sixth Alumni Reunion in October. You may read about this year's reunion here.

Even among all this good news, there is some sad news to share. This year, we lost one member, the lovely Juliana (Class of 2018). Losing our fellow alumni is never easy, and this has been a difficult time for us all. We pray Juliana continues to rest in peace. We also pray for her family and ask you all to keep her family in your prayers.

Now, the holidays are here and the Alumni team would like to wish you a merry Christmas and a happy New Year. We’d love to see you the office in 2023 or you can give us a call on 0766 200 609 or email us at