Triple your donation!

Until 30 June, all donations to The School of St Jude will be TRIPLED, until we reach AU $750,000. When you donate this end of financial year, you can make the biggest impact yet!

For 20 years, your donations to The School of St Jude have touched lives in Tanzania. You have helped us grow from three students to 1,800, from one school to three.

We’ve achieved so much together, but there’s still so much more we can do.

20 years is just the beginning…
Your donations have tripled to:

Fill The Gap

Every St Jude’s student receives a scholarship for free, quality education. While we aim to find a sponsor for every scholarship, currently 24% of our students’ scholarships are unsponsored. Your donation, no matter its size, will have a direct impact on the education and well-being of our unsponsored students. You will help fill the gap and cover costs in areas we need it most.

Support Primary and Secondary Needs

At St Jude’s, we think of our 1,800 students as future leaders of Tanzania. A generous donation to our future leaders can help cover some our students’ educational costs by providing school books, teachers’ salaries, IT equipment, boarding expenses and fuel for transport.

Support Nutrition and Health

A St Jude’s education includes more than classes. We’re passionate about ensuring our students’ health, through an extensive nutrition and health program. A donation can help provide daily, nutritious meals, pay our school nurses’ salaries and provide sports equipment to keep our students active.

Support Beyond St Jude’s Needs

There are 299 St Jude’s secondary graduates currently studying higher education courses through our Beyond St Jude’s (BSJ) Program. By donating to our Beyond St Jude’s needs, you will cover our scholars’ accommodation, learning resources and higher education expenses to help them become qualified professionals like Esuvat (pictured above).

Sole Sponsorship

Sole Sponsorship

Your sponsorship is just the beginning… You can provide free, quality education for one of our primary or secondary students by becoming the sole sponsor of their academic scholarship.

Beyond St Jude’s Sole Sponsorship

You can change the world for one our graduates by becoming the sole sponsor of their tertiary scholarship. You will cover their accommodation costs, higher education fees and provide them with learning resources.

Beyond St Jude’s Co-Sponsorship

You can cover half the cost of a tertiary scholarship for one of our graduates. You will cover their accommodation costs, higher education fees and provide them with learning resources for their next stage of education.

Want to make a bigger impact?

You can touch even more lives in Tanzania by donating towards our major projects and funds. A larger donation could cover the cost of our solar water heaters for students’ boarding houses or provide sporting equipment for a year, there’s always an area that needs your support. 

You can even help us fill the gap our sponsorship gap by sponsoring a large number of primary, secondary or tertiary scholarships. If you are looking to make a major impact with a donation of more than AU$5,000, email our Founder, Gemma Sisia, directly to see how we can best use your generous donation.

Watch how far we’ve come in 20 years, this is just the beginning.