Being a teacher, and a friend

The Friendly Teacher

A window into the classroom – Chemistry teacher, Victor Polepole, talks about his experience working at St Jude’s, and his philosophy behind education.

Lessons from Bibi

A Bibi’s touch: Bibi making sure Johnson looks at his best.

The story of how a grandmother and sister helped Johnson on his journey to Form 4 Celebration and Awards Day.

Meeting Alice

Winners are grinners

Two St Jude’s students introduce their new invention – Alice, the home optimisation system.

A Headmaster’s Hope

Building Hope: Mr Sherwin with the new Form 5 students from Masabeda Secondary School joining St Jude’s this year.

Meet the government school Headmaster who went above and beyond to help his students join St Jude’s.

Making History

Leading The Way: 2019 tertiary graduates, Anna and Baba, at their University Campus in Dar es Salaam.

Anna and Baba set to become the first Beyond St Jude’s tertiary scholars to graduate University!

A Rite of Passage

Lifting the Roof: Graduating class perform their farewell song for guests

Largest graduating group in the school’s history takes final step in Secondary journey.

Sky’s the Limit

Aviation Ambitions: Dastan on the runway at Kilimajaro International Airport.

Educational excursion activates the next generation of the aviation industry.