The St Jude's Challenge

Raise funds to help fight poverty through education in Tanzania

$10 can buy you two large coffees, a month of tv streaming or three scoops of fancy gelato. Gemma Sisia used $10 to start The School of St Jude!

Will you join the St Jude’s Challenge? Choose a reading challenge, a steps challenge or design your own challenge, and get your friends to donate $10 each.

St Jude’s has 3,407 supporters. If just half of them took the St Jude’s Challenge, and they asked ten of their friends to donate $10 each, they could raise $170,350 for St Jude’s. That’s enough to support the daily bus route of 10 St Jude's buses for a year or pay for annual salary of 11 highly-qualified St Jude's teachers!

So, what are you waiting for?

Join the St Jude’s Challenge and raise funds to fight poverty through education this November!

How will you challenge yourself?

Individuals, families, schools, community groups and friends - anyone can take part in the St Jude’s Challenge! You can choose from a…
Reading Challenge

Reading challenge

The perfect challenge for students, schools, book worms and aspiring novelists alike. Choose a number of books or a number of hours of reading that you want to complete in November, get reading and share your challenge with friends! You could raise $10 per book or $100 for ten books!
Steps Challenge

Steps challenge

We all know we should be taking 10,000 steps a day, but life can be busy and it can be hard to get those steps in. Challenge yourself to walk 10,000 steps per day this November, encourage your friends to join to you, share your steps journey and hit the pavement.
Create your challenge

Design your own challenge

Want to run a marathon, ditch chocolate for a month, or learn a new language? Get your creative thinking caps on, design your own St Jude’s Challenge and get your friends and family to donate $10 towards your efforts!

Ready to get started?

1. Choose your challenge: Steps challenge, reading challenge or design your own!
2. Register: You can register your challenge through the St Jude’s website or create a MyCause fundraising page.
3. Fundraise: Share your challenge with friends and family and encourage them to donate.
4. Challenge yourself: Complete your chosen challenge throughout November.
5. Promote: Share a photo or video on social media using the hashtag #StJudesChallenge
6. Donate: Once you’ve completed your challenge you can deposit your funds via our donate page. Your donations help to ensure a brighter future for our students and scholars!
We have created a Challenge Kit with all the fundraising tools you’ll need to get started including a checklist, a donations log, posters and some social media templates for you to share.
Gemma and kids

Can't do the St Jude's Challenge?

You can still help by donating  to a friend or family member’s challenge, sponsoring  a student’s academic scholarship or sharing the St Jude’s Challenge on social media!
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