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There are many ways to support The School of St Jude, sharing about our mission and story is one of the easiest ways. From posting on social media to hosting an event, there are countless ways to spread the word and connect with like-minded supporters.

Whatever you have in mind, we are happy to support you! Check out our resources page and feel free to email our Marketing team for additional materials.

Resources to get you started

The Power of You!

St Jude’s thrives on the power of spreading the word from super supporters like yourself. But the benefits go beyond St Jude's! Sharing our story is a win-win for everyone.
Empower Others: Introduce your network to the power of free education.
Connect with Like Minds: Meet others who share similar values.
Make a Real Difference: Your voice can helps support free, quality education.
Shout Out: Get special recognition on our website or social media!
Super Supporter Spotlight: Become a featured champion in one of our newsletter stories.
Personalized Thank You: Receive a message from St Jude’s founder, Gemma Sisia.

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We have compiled several ways that you can help spread the word about St Jude’s. Simply select one or several of them and proceed! Got a new idea, feel free to reach us out!


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Let us know that you are sharing about St Jude’s by emailing our Marketing team and get all the right tools and support you’ll need.


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Don’t forget to tag us on social media to help you get the word around.

Some ideas of how you can help

Recommend our book

I'm thinking something in the lines of writing about us
Link to resources

Host a speaking Event

Maybe they can talk about us in their offices or classes
Link to resources

Write a featured article/ blog post

Share something about us with your audience
Reach out

Social Media Sharing

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Link to Resources

Volunteer Outreach

Invite supporters to volunteer their time to help spread the word offline. I'm thinking fliers and stuff
Reach out

Host Fundraising Events

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Start a Fundraiser

Connect with your local Rotary Club

Rotary clubs worldwide have been instrumental in building and supporting The School of St Jude. If you have a local Rotary club, why not give them a call to see if you can speak at an upcoming meeting?

We even have a special section in our speaking kit that advises about how to speak at your local Rotary club and a specific Rotary PowerPoint presentation that
Our Rotarian history

We’re here to help

Whether you have any questions or need support planning and executing your idea, our Marketing team is just an email away. Let us help you get the ball rolling with additional resources, information, and anything to turn your idea into a success.

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In the News

Find out more about St Jude’s and begin spreading the word with these inspirational stories.
May 20, 2024
Supporter Highlight: TechnologyOne
St Jude’s partners with Australian software company, TechnologyOne, to enhance ICT literacy, nurture STEM pathways and careers for students, and simplify its operations.
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October 16, 2023
A Cause Worth Running For
Our amazing supporter Africa, runs in Brisbane to support his fellow Tanzanians.
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September 6, 2023
Finding Inspiration in Dr Goodall’s Legacy
Dr Goodall’s visit to St Jude’s brings renewed hope and inspiration for students to pursue their dreams.
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December 6, 2022
Keeping Up With Technology
TechnologyOne equips future Tanzanian leaders with modern tools and facilities to lift their communities out of poverty.
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Learning Resources

If you are a teacher or a book club member, we have prepared an extensive resource with ideas to get you started reading the book: The School That Hope Build.