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Thank you for choosing to spread the word about St Jude’s! It means a lot to us that to have incredible supporters like yourself taking the time and effort to support our cause. There are many was to spread the word about the St Jude’s.

Simply select an option you’d like from below, let us know what you are doing so that we cheer for you and support, and proceed to spreading the word.

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Connect with your local Rotary Club

Rotary clubs worldwide have been instrumental in building and supporting The School of St Jude. Since 2002, St Jude’s has been a registered Rotary Australia World Community Service project and Rotarians continue to live up to their motto of ‘service above self’ through their
passionate involvement.

If you have a local Rotary club, why not give them a call to see if you can speak at an upcoming meeting? We even have a special section in our speaking kit that advises about how to speak at your local Rotary club and a specific Rotary PowerPoint presentation that you can use which highlights the history of Rotary’s involvement with St Jude’s.

Download Rotary Presentation

What’s in it for you?

Spreading the word isn’t just about supporting St Jude’s. You are actively using your voice, influence, and platform to advocate for free, quality education to those that need it the most. Your support plays a crucial part in raising awareness and providing.

But doesn’t stop there. Through spreading the word for St Jude’s, gives you a unique
opportunity to
  • Empower Others: Introducing your network to the power of free education.
  • Connect with Like Minds: Meet others who share similar values.
  • Make a Real Difference: Your voice can helps support free, quality education.
  • Shout Out: Get special recognition on our website or social media!
  • Super Supporter Spotlight: Become a featured champion in one of our newsletter stories.
  • Personalized Thank You: Receive a message from St Jude’s founder, Gemma Sisia.

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