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Exciting times ahead for St Jude's as girls' education gets a boost
It’s official!

I’ve been dreaming about this for a while and now it’s finally going to happen! The official go ahead has come through to open a new secondary school for girls – and we’re doing it in January!!!

You probably think we don’t know when to stop, I sometimes wonder that myself! This is a really important next step for St Jude’s though, a chance to make an even bigger impact than we are already.

By reconfiguring our current boarding and school facilities, we can turn part of our Sisia Primary Campus into a girls’ secondary school, which in time, will cater for nearly 600 students. More students will get a free, high-quality education at St Jude’s and we’re so excited about what this means for Tanzania.

Because of the new school we’ll be increasing the number of students who can graduate Form 6 and, in particular, increase the number of girls getting a secondary education.

Currently, when students are selected from government schools to St Jude’s at the beginning of secondary school (Form 1), at least 60% are boys and for selection to A Levels (the last two years of school), it’s more than 80%. As you go up the levels, there’s less and less girls staying in school. That means by Form 5 there are fewer girls to invite to sit our A level entrance exams and less girls being offered St Jude’s A Level scholarships.

By increasing our intake of girls into secondary school, St Jude’s can help stack the odds in their favour, in a country where girls from a poor rural background will only receive 3.7 years of schooling on average. And it’s pretty hard to argue with the mountain of research about the MANY benefits to families and communities in having educated women.

This means there’ll be more girls in secondary school, more graduates and more future leaders because of St Jude’s each year.
I can’t wait to keep you updated on our progress in the next few months.


Find out how you can support this exciting new venture.


margaret wilkes commented on 17-Nov-2019 07:58 PM
Well done Gemma for your wonderful work
There’s so much evidence that educating girls changes everything!
We hope to visit you again some day
Margaret and Paul Wilkes
Paul Nzobendo Sollo commented on 23-Dec-2019 06:12 AM
It's so wonderful to give a girl first priority to education, you are doing a great job to prepare leaders of tomorrow. I'm so proud to have here in Tanzania may God bless you Madam Gamma Sisia
Walter Kileo commented on 21-Jan-2020 04:24 AM
Thank you Gemma, this is such a incredible joy to all of us. Research shows that better female education is correlated with lower rates of poverty and improved health.

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