December 16, 2023

Kabula's Journey at St Jude's

Embracing growth through the years.

Radiant Connection: Kabula maintaining transparent communication with supporters.

Meet Kabula

As a cherished member of the St Jude’s community, Kabula’s journey reflects growth and hard work, contributing tirelessly to St Jude’s for the past three years. "I've learned a lot about leadership and teamwork in the time that I've been here."

Early Days

Her adventure at St Jude’s began as a Communications and Editorial Specialist in 2021. She then was promoted into the role of Team Lead in Supporter Relations. In her current capacity, she oversees a team of nine people who look after St Jude’s wonderful supporters.

Life at St Jude’s

Throughout her time at the school, Kabula has acquired valuable insights into leadership and teamwork, which thrive within the St Jude’s community. "We're fortunate to work with very dedicated people at St Jude's from whom I learn a lot. Everyone is doing their best to contribute to the vision of fighting poverty through education," she says.

Inspiring Tomorrow’s Leaders: Kabula sharing her skills with the students

Furthering her Impact

Kabula's impact extends beyond her professional role. She actively participates in extracurricular activities, sharing her skills, experience, and passion with students. "I routinely take part in Reading and Spelling Club at St Jude’s Primary School and in sports like Netball and Athletics with our secondary school students” says Kabula.

Outside the Office

Kabula loves to explore. She enjoys taking long walks and going on culinary adventures around Arusha and in typical Kabula fashion, uses her free time to study for her Masters!

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