September 28, 2022

Amazing Askaris

St Jude’s security guards keep the community safe and sound.

A Warm Welcome: Israel waits at St Jude’s entrance gate with his distinctive warm smile.

Stationed at the entrance gate to St Jude’s Sisia Campus in Moshono is Israel, a security guard of 15 years. Israel’s contagious smile and friendly personality is the first impression that staff, students, and visitors get as they arrive at the school. 

“I love my job,” says Israel. “It is what I have always wanted to do,” he adds with a smile. 

St Jude’s security guards keep the school property, staff and students safe at all hours. In addition to this, they’re the first people visitors meet when they come to St Jude’s.

Israel’s journey to becoming a security officer started in the early 1990s, when he opted to join a civic security training program. There he learnt basic combat training and other skills such as team work and self-discipline. 

“By the time I completed my training, I knew I was going to be working as a security guard,” recalls Israel. “But I never thought I would have such a fulfilling and rewarding career ahead of me at St Jude’s,” he adds.

A Friendly Community: Israel with one of St Jude’s drivers during a routine vehicle inspection at the gate.

In Tanzania, uniformed guards are referred to by their Kiswahili name, askari. Traditionally, askaris are known for their serious character, but Israel has gained some perspective after working at St Jude’s.

“As a security officer, I thought I had to be serious all the time,” says Israel. “But at St Jude’s, I realised that I could smile and enjoy my time even when I’m on duty,” he adds with a smile.

St Jude’s impact on Israel’s life doesn’t just stop there. Working at St Jude’s has enabled him to build a house for his family, take his six children to school and university, and explore his passion in agriculture. 

“My journey with St Jude’s has been one improvement after another,” reflects Israel. “It is incredible,” he adds. 

Along with Israel is Melami, St Jude’s security officer of five years. For Melami, coming to work is something he looks forward to.

Smiles All Around: Melami catching up with fellow staff at St Jude’s.

“I love interacting with people,” says Melami. “As a security guard, I have the privilege of meeting different people every day so it’s very fulfilling,” adds Melami with a smile.

Melami has a long working history with St Jude’s. Prior to working as a security officer, Melami served as a cook for nine months and later worked in the library for five years. These roles equipped Melami with skills that he now applies to his current position. 

“Working at St Jude’s has improved my English and communication skills greatly,” says Melami. “I can now speak confidently with a vast variety of people from all over the world,” he proudly adds. 

As the first contact of for all visitors to St Jude’s, Israel’s gentle smile and Melami’s charm serve as the perfect introduction to the school’s values and way of life.

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