The School that Hope Built

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To help you diving into life here in Arusha at The School of St Jude, we have created a Reading Guide with LOTS of additional content to enjoy so you can explore our history, our people and our work here on the ground. Scroll down to dive in and view photos and videos from our journey over the last 20+ years.

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In the Beginning
Gemma’s early childhood, her family, and her faith gave her solid foundations to start building St Jude’s.
Supporters From Afar
Since before the first bricks were laid in Moshono, volunteers and international supporters have been crucial in fighting poverty through education.
It Takes a Village
Parent volunteers have helped build St Jude’s into the supportive community that it is today
Lighting the Way: Tanzanian Staff
From day one, Gemma’s goal has been to build a self-sustaining school that is led by Tanzanians, for Tanzanians.
Scholarship Application Days: Then and Now
Scholarship Application processes are watertight, ensuring students who attend St Jude’s are most deserving of their scholarship.
Big Wheels Keep Turning
St Jude’s has over 30 vehicles to service students, staff and parents. The bus fleet travels 8,500 kilometres per week.
Pride and Joy
More than anything, Gemma enjoys being a wife to Richard Sisia and mother to her children, Nathaniel, Jacob, Isabella and Louisa.
A Second School is Built
By 2008, Gemma knew she’d need a second campus. Land was bought at Usa River, around 30 minutes’ drive from Moshono.
A Home Away from Home
Boarding provides a place of safety and support for students in upper primary and secondary years.
First Form 6 Graduation in 2015
St Jude’s first Form 6 Graduates completed school in 2015. Dozens of supporters came to St Jude’s to celebrate the occasion.
Leading the Way: Graduates
Since starting at St Jude’s, Dorice, Winrose, Judith, Enock and Godwin’s lives have been transformed. See their journeys.
More than 900 students have graduated from Form 6. The Alumni Association was officially launched in 2018.
Opening of St Jude’s Girls Secondary School in 2020
Gemma believes that if you educate a girl, you educate a community. Gemma opened a school for girls in 2020.
A Helping Hand during a Global Pandemic
When Covid-19 struck, Gemma was quick to act. Around 3,000 Covid-19 Family Care Packages were given to members of the community.
Safari Njema: A Great Journey
Gemma and her Australian staff who had stayed in Tanzania during Covid-19 enjoyed a two-day adventure inside the national parks.
Broadening Horizons
As of 2020, Scholarship Application days now take place at three locations, not just in Moshono.
A Dream Come True for Lightness
Gemma surprised a student named Lightness, who has cerebal palsy, with a special outing to see horses – her favourite animal.
The Next Instalment
In 2022, Gemma announced that she had purchased the vacant block of land behind Sisia campus in Moshono.