Providing a free, quality education to over 1,800 students from Tanzanian communities


Sponsorship opens a world full of possibilities

Your sponsorship provides a student with educational materials, school and boarding uniforms, hot nutritious meals as well as a safe, clean living environment with reliable electricity and water – everything required for a successful education!

Every year St Jude’s gives scholarships to promising students who would not be able to finish school because their family is trapped in extreme poverty.


Your generous donations keep us going, thank you!

Your gift enables The School of St Jude to continue our mission of fighting poverty through education. We aim to educate disadvantaged, bright students from the Arusha Region to become the future moral and intellectual leaders of Tanzania.

Your gift will help our deserving students reach the great height of their potential by providing a free, high-quality education, daily hot meals, safe housing, transport and much much more.


Sponsorship opens a world full of possibilities