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Star of the show: Judica is one of the most popular speakers at International Association of Lions Clubs Forum in the Middle East.

Star of the show: Judica is one of the most popular speakers at International Association of Lions Clubs Forum in the Middle East.

Judica, one of St Jude’s very first students, and soon to become one of our first university graduates, proudly flew the flag for Tanzania and for The School of St Jude as she retold her story and the story of the school. 

Judica stepped up on to the podium and captured the 2,500-strong audience as she stood, dressed in her traditional kitenge, and sang the national anthem of Tanzania. She proudly shared her story of how, with the help of St Jude’s, her journey has taken her from extreme poverty to university, where she is currently studying Banking and Finance at the University of Dar Es Salaam. 

Judica and the school’s Supporter Development Facilitator, Leonie, travelled to Dubai to give one of the keynote speeches at an International Association of Lions Clubs Forum for the India, South Asia, Africa and Middle East (ISAAME) region in December, attended by Lions members from 64 countries across this region, as well as special European and American guests.

Girl Power: Judica and Leonie exchanging ideas with delegates from Nepal.

Judica and Leonie were also involved in an hour long presentation and Q&A with the Leos of the Middle East, being the younger members of the organisation.

Honouring the first female international president, the main theme of the event was “Advocate for the Achievement of Gender Equality and Women Empowerment”.

Firsts: Judica meets the first female Lions International President and explains how she's been a first at The School of St Jude.

The event saw Middle East Lions Club launch its new special project with St Jude’s, “Fighting Poverty through Education” – the school’s motto. The Lions commitment to working with St Jude’s stems from the common goal of providing women and girls with equal access to education, as per the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 5. 

“At St Jude’s, they encourage Tanzanian youth to do more than just succeed,” said Augusto di Pietro, International Representative and Coordinating Officer for the Lions Clubs Middle East. “They empower them to become leaders and we are excited to work together to see more success stories like Judica’s.”


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