October 1, 2013

St Jude's Careers Fair helps students see a world of possibilities

Event helps students learn about new careers, broadening their horizons.

As our first class of secondary students gets ready to graduate in 2015, we took an important step to help them plan their professional lives beyond the school grounds: we organized St Jude's Careers Fair. 

Close to 700 secondary students had the opportunity to move around different tables and talk to 36 people about their professions in medicine, law, architecture, engineering, business, aviation, government, banking and journalism, among others.

They also collected information and spoke individually and in groups with representatives of 10 colleges and universities from the Arusha Region.

“This event helped me change my mind about my career choice,” said Penueli, a 17-year old student.

“I was thinking of becoming a copy editor for companies, but now I know I want to go into TV journalism.”

Students and staff from other schools in the region also participated in the event and were able to broaden their knowledge of career possibilities.

At the opening, students sang, presented short skits and gave talks related to their career choices. A number of local speakers encouraged students to apply themselves to their studies in order to build a solid career.

Jon Ford, St Jude’s new School Director, closed the event by telling the story of a student in the school he managed for 10 years in West Sussex, England. The student dreamed of becoming a doctor and studied really hard until she was accepted into medical school. The next time he saw her she was a well regarded doctor.

“You too can become doctors, or any other profession you desire,” he told the assembled students. “Just follow your dream and reach for the skies.”


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