July 29, 2022

Supporting Dreams at The School of St Jude

Emanuel is working toward two big dreams with the help of his school.

Why not Both?: Many of Emanuel’s paintings combine his two passions – animals and art.

19-year-old Emanuel is in his final year at St Jude’s Secondary School. A keen student of chemistry, biology and geography, Emanuel has two big dreams for his future.

“I’m working towards my dream of being a veterinarian, but I would also like to establish my own art gallery,” says Emanuel.

These are two quite different careers, but luckily for Emanuel, St Jude’s is equipped to support him with a holistic program of academic subjects, plentiful learning resources, highly trained teachers, extracurricular activities and career guidance.

A Level (the final two years of school) students like Emanuel, take Career Guidance lessons once per week, where they learn about the practicalities of choosing and pursuing a career. 

“Career Guidance helps me learn about how to reach my chosen career. It gives me a map to follow,” says Emanuel. 

Emanuel’s first dream, to be a vet, is largely supported by his academic studies which are led by his committed teachers. In particular, Emanuel’s biology lessons prepare him for a career working with animals.

“I want to be a veterinarian because I love animals and I want to be able to support them,” he shares. “My Biology Teacher, Miss Hilda, supports me a lot.  She answers all my questions about biology and more and she advises me to follow my dreams.”

Always More to Learn: Miss Hilda and Emanuel discuss his recent homework.

St Jude’s is lucky to have well equipped science labs at each campus, so Emanuel is also able to extend his learning beyond theory, with regular practical activities and experiments.

“My A Level students focus on classification, so they do practical activities like dissections to learn about anatomy. Emanuel is especially interested in animals, so biology helps him learn practically about animals and all living things,” explains Miss Hilda.

Another Dream: Emanuel works hard to achieve both of his big dreams – being a vet and an art gallery owner.

Emanuel’s second dream doesn’t involve dissection and scientific theories, instead, it often takes him to the light-filled Art Room at Smith Campus, where he hones his craft as a painter under the guidance of Art Teacher, Miss Edina.

Emanuel has loved to paint since he was a young boy, when he would copy his late father’s paintings and drawings. However, painting supplies are expensive, which limited his opportunities.

“I am happy St Jude’s provides materials for free, like canvases, paints and brushes. Without St Jude’s, I wouldn’t be able to practise my art,” shares Emanuel.

While art is not a core subject in Tanzania’s national curriculum, St Jude’s has made the choice to offer art classes as well as an extracurricular Art Club, to bring all students the benefits that come with creative expression. 

Ms Edina is only too happy to assist students like Emanuel to develop their artistic practice after school hours.

Join the Club: Emanuel enjoys spending his afternoons painting with the rest of the Art Club, and his teacher Miss Edina.

Emanuel has big plans for his gallery, which he would use to display and sell his own work as well as those of other artists. 

“My gallery would be large, with lots of paintings inside. There would be classrooms for teaching art classes too, so more children can learn to paint,” he says.

A final, key element in Emanuel’s education at St Jude’s is boarding. In the boarding house, he has plenty of time to study, free of the pressures of home-life, and access to plentiful hot water, electricity, and nutritious meals.

Emanuel’s big dreams are supported by free, quality education at St Jude’s. With determination and hard work on his part, it will be exciting to see where his dreams take him in the coming years.

Whether Emanuel chooses to become a veterinarian to work with the animals he loves, opens his gallery to share the gift of art, or even pursues a brand-new dream, he will always have the strong foundation of a holistic St Jude’s education. 

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