November 5, 2020

Challenge Yourself for St Jude’s

Supporters, students and staff challenged themselves to raise funds for The School of St Jude

What would you do to challenge yourself for The School of St Jude?

The school launched the ‘Challenge Yourself for St Jude’s’ campaign in early October, encouraging individuals, families, schools, universities, clubs and different organisations to take on a challenge. The aim is to fundraise for St Jude’s and help the school continue to educate and light the way to a brighter future for underprivileged, bright students in Tanzania.

‘Challenge Yourself for St Jude’s’ is about ordinary people doing extraordinary things and fighting poverty through education. Keep reading to see how our whole community has risen to the challenge…

David rises to the challenge: David ready to take on 42.2 km of cycling!

Alumni showing support

One of our amazing alumni, David (Class of 2019), challenged himself to a 42.2km bicycle ride from Sisia Campus to Smith Campus on October 18!

“I got free, quality education from St Jude's and I would love to see many other students receiving the same education that will change their lives. This is the main reason I am taking the challenge for St Jude's. I want to raise as much money as possible for the school.”

David hopes his challenge will inspire other students and St Jude’s alumni to support the school and help the school to continue fighting poverty through education.

You can donate to David’s challenge or register your personal challenge via the school’s website;

Read-a-thon Challenge: Students ready to take on the reading challenge

Students reading to raise funds

St Jude’s students have committed to read to challenge themselves for St Jude’s. Through the read-a-thon challenge, students aim to read 10 books by the end of the year, inspiring you, our family of international supporters to donate AU$10 per book to their challenge!

Support the read-a-thon challenge by registering or donating to the power of 10 today:

Peer-to-Peer Fundraising: Staff taking up the challenge to support the St Jude’s mission.

Staff individual challenges

St Jude’s staff from different departments took on a variety of quirky challenges to support the cause. 

The Sponsor Relations team involved others by providing spoons to all our business office staff. In a challenge called ‘Spoon Your Table’, staff could donate AU$1 for every spoon.

Irene, a member of the Supporter Relations team registered her challenge as an individual. She and her colleague, Rosemary, washed sports shoes for staff to help raise funds for the school. For every pair of shoes washed, AU$1 was raised for St Jude’s.

Anyone can create their own special, unique ‘Challenge Yourself for St Jude’s’ activity, big or small and inspire others to be part of the campaign.

Raising Funds One Step at a Time: Noela, St Jude’s long-term supporter joining the challenge to raise funds one step at a time.

Supporters across the globe have joined the challenge!

Noela, a St Jude’s long-term supporter, challenged herself to a 10km walk. Through her walk, she’s raised AU$2,000 so far.

“The real challenge is rising with an alarm at 4:45am to walk before the Brisbane heat kicks in,” Noela said.

Noela plans to walk daily to continue to raise funds and support the challenge - wearing a St Jude’s sticker attached at her shirt especially made for the cause!

“The St Jude’s sticker attached to my shirt by what I call a, ‘puppy dog’ clip, all adds to the experience!”

Also participating in Challenge Week is Rebecca, a supporter from Sydney, Australia. She has challenged herself to raise funds for St Jude’s by running a marathon that was broken up over 7 days. She’s run 18km so far.

You too can participate in a personal challenge like Noela and Rebecca to Challenge Yourself for St Jude’s. Donate today or register here to Challenge Yourself for St Jude’s:

Playing it Forward: Rachel, Donor and Sponsor Relations Manager, playing Uno with children during a fun and game afternoon at St Jude’s.

Family Trivia

Charity begins at home and to kick off Challenge Week, St Jude’s staff leaders and their families participated in a fun and games afternoon bringing together diverse staff and their families to raise money for the school. There were tough trivia questions, and there was also an Uno tournament and a limbo competition.

Why not host your own trivia event by purchasing a trivia pack from our website or host a games day with family and friends, charging everyone AU$10 to participate? You can make your event COVID-safe by hosting a virtual trivia event.

Support St Jude’s by challenging yourself to raise funds that will help to ensure present and future generations of students can continue to receive a free, quality education!


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