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Happy students: Edwin (left), Lightness (center) and Samson (right) are all very excited about their results.  

Exam results are out for our Form 2 students and the hard work and diligence of the entire year level is clear, with over 75% of our students receiving the highest possible division points and every student ranking within the top division.

This year’s results, as well as being a success for the whole class, included a first in St Jude’s 17-year history as well as one of the greatest stories of determination and resilience we’ve ever seen.

Samson is one of our students whose results have earned him national recognition. He was awarded an academic scholarship to attend St Jude’s at the age of 7 and is one of three children to a widowed mother from the outskirts of Arusha.

Samson placed first of all Form 2 males in the country and seventh out of all students in Tanzania.

“My family they are really happy for me. They are really excited and they are proud of me” said Samson.

A proud family: Samson pictured with mother and young sister.

Achieving these results with the help of the school, his peers and family, Samson also credits the hard work of his teachers in his success.

“Our teachers they did a lot. They have been coming in during weekends and also they have been extending their lesson hours just to teach us and to give us the experience for questions asked in the examinations.”

Edwin, another of our students who started at the school in Standard 1 received national recognition for his achievement too and placed 10th of all males nationwide in his exams.

“I’m feeling so great about my results and I cannot explain how excited I am because they are wonderful results and actually I didn’t expect I could get results like this ever in my life,” said Edwin.

“I spoke to my family about it and they were really excited also. They were super excited. I couldn’t imagine. It was really the best moment when I received the results.”

It’s not just the boys who excelled, all of St Jude’s Form 2s performed well and one girl in particular has shown what determination, resilience and hard work can achieve, even in the face of extraordinary challenges.

Lightness, alongside her peers, placed in the first division in the national exams. Unlike her peers, she uses her feet to write her examinations.

Overcoming adversity: Lightness in art class painting with her feet.

Lightness has cerebral palsy, a condition that affects muscle coordination, making it difficult for her to have the necessary control to use her hands to write. Instead, she has learnt to write and draw by holding the pen between her toes.

The condition is often stigmitised in Tanzania and inadequate facilities in government schools would make it almost impossible for her to complete her schooling if she were not at St Jude’s.

With the support of her mother, sponsors, donors and the school, Lightness is able to excel academically in an environment that provides the right resources for her wellbeing and success, including an adapted keyboard for the computer and additional assistance in boarding.

“I did well because of the school, the extra facilities, books and mostly that our teachers are very good. I’ve been working very hard also with my friends,” Lightness said.

When it comes to the year ahead, she can’t wait to continue beating the odds and showcasing her ability.

“In Form 3 I want more A’s and I want to work even harder than before.”

St Jude’s Secondary Headmaster, Mr Mcharo knows that Form 2’s unprecedented success is not just a happy accident.

Smith campus academic staff: Mr. Mcharo (front right) pictured with our amazing teachers who help our students to continually achieve excellence.

“We set out at the beginning of the year with strong teamwork, all working towards the common goal of excellence. With discipline and planning we made sure to create an environment that was the best it could be for both teaching and learning. The results speak for themselves and we are looking forward to more of the same,” Mr Mcharo said.

We couldn’t be prouder of every single one of our Form 2 students and their amazing exam results. Their achievements are inspiring every student at St Jude’s and spurring us all on to new heights.

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Diana and Frank Lincoln commented on 30-Jan-2019 08:59 AM
Fabulous results in every aspect. Congratulations to all students and teachers.

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