June 27, 2024

St Jude’s 10th Form 6 graduation

Celebrating students completing an important milestone in their academic journey.

Congratulations, Class of 2024: An iconic group photo of the 2024 Form 6 graduating cohort.

Attending a graduation ceremony at St Jude’s is an experience like no other. It’s a day of pride and celebration, representing years of hard work, dedication, and sacrifice. St Jude’s hosts three graduation ceremonies a year, corresponding to the three main levels of the Tanzanian school system, and a recognition ceremony for its alumni finishing their tertiary education.

The three key stages of school in Tanzania consist of seven years of primary school from Standard 1 to 7, then four years of secondary school from Form 1 to 4 in Ordinary Level (O Level) studies, and finally, the final two years of secondary school, Forms 5 and 6 in Advanced Level (A Level) studies. A graduation ceremony marks the end of each stage as students progress to the next phase of their academic journey.

While each graduation is a memorable occasion, the Form 6 graduation holds a special significance as it marks the transition to higher education in universities and colleges.

“It’s been a wonderful journey, and we leave St Jude’s with lovely memories,” says Andrea, Form 6 graduate, in his farewell speech on graduation day. “The achievements we’ve made demonstrate how exceptional our time here has been,” he adds.

All Smiles: Andrea (on the left) was all smiles while receiving his academic awards on graduation day.

With 200 graduates, the 2024 Form 6 cohort was the second-largest group to graduate from St Jude’s. Their outstanding accomplishments include winning several national and international sports and essay writing competitions, excelling in regional and zonal exams, and pioneering impactful initiatives that are gaining recognition in the greater community.

“We stand here today as a testament to how we’ve fulfilled the school’s mission,” says Andrea. “We hope to achieve even greater things because of what has been invested in us throughout our time at St Jude’s,” he adds.

Completing secondary education is a remarkable achievement for students in Tanzania. However, several socio-economic barriers still hinder many students, particularly females, from completing secondary education. Existing gender disparities in enrolment and high dropout rates mean that only 27% of Tanzanian girls who start A Level, reach Form 6 graduation.

At St Jude's, however, all secondary school students receive 100% free, quality education, which includes safe boarding accommodation, nutritious meals, extracurricular programs, and more. The school’s holistic approach to education and promotion of gender equality ensures girls excel academically and in other areas. As a result, the school consistently maintains a 100% completion rate for all secondary school students.

Onto the Next Stage: Form 6 graduates waving goodbye during the graduation.

“One of our girls made it to the top 10 of the regional mock examinations, another invented a bean sorting machine that won first place on Science Day, and still another launched an initiative to support government school students with sanitary pads,” Noreen proudly shared at the graduation speech.

The 2024 graduation ceremony was particularly special as it was the 10th Form 6 graduation in St Jude’s history. Fittingly, it recorded the highest number of international visitors in attendance – over 90—in addition to more than 100 local guests, board members, alumni, and government officials. Among them was Mark Cubit, chairperson of the Australian board, Pat Sutliff, from our American Friends of The School of St Jude board, and David Stellar, who helped build the first three classrooms at St Jude’s more than 20 years ago.

“From little things, big things grow. And as you can see all around you, St Jude’s is changing lives as personified by the graduating class,” says David, as he reflects on the 20+ year journey of St Jude’s.

The next step for the graduates is pursuing higher education at various universities and colleges. Most opt to apply to the Beyond St Jude’s Scholarship Program (BSJSP), which supports graduates with tertiary education.

As part of the BSJSP, the selected graduates will undertake Community Service placements, volunteering as teachers in understaffed government schools, or at various placements throughout St Jude's. Then they go on to access higher education supported by St Jude's sponsors and donors.

Whichever path they choose, we know our graduates will personify the school’s vision of an educated community of moral and intellectual leaders, fighting poverty in Tanzania.

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